Bleach by any other Name

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Do you remember when Trump spoke about drinking bleach as a treatment for COVID-19? I do.

Did that strike you as curious? Why not? Really. Have you lost your interest in bizarre or the bleeding edge of growth and learning? Wow. The president of the USA allegedly tells people to drink “beach” and no one is curious enough to ask him to elaborate. What have we devolved to?

Well, Bob and Alan and Andreas and Kerri (let me introduce you) and I knew what he was referring to. To Trump’s credit, he was close to accurate, but he misunderstood the chemical distinction between “bleach” which is NaOCL (Sodium hypochlorite) and a commonly used commercial water purifier and disinfectant (not bleach) called chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Don’t drink bleach. Do consider drinking chlorine dioxide (at the right dosage) knowing that it is already in your drinking water being a very common water sanitizer and considered safe even at 40 ppm.

Now are you curious? (It’s about time…. and your life could depend up on …) Watch this.

And furthermore, if you are worried for your health watch this interview with MIKE ADAMS and Andreas Kalacker here: blob:

And watch this about clinical trials in Ecuador in Spanish:–Aememi-1/1b876f507d41025d04a38fb6ee768df25903051f/c58307

And here in USA… Another clinical trial involving chlorine dioxide is currently under way, documented by the US National Library of Medicine at The study uses oral chlorine dioxide (rather than intravenous) and is entitled, “Determination of the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19.” The trial is being conducted by the Genesis Foundation and involves 20 patients. The identifier for that trial is NCT04343742.

FINALLY – to learn more, roll up your sleeves and dive into this website www.andreaskalacker. Knowledge is power. Be careful with this new power you have gained.

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