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Another form of elder abuse

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:    so sad!   Yikes! Cognitively Impaired Elderly Women Get Unneeded Screening Mammography, Study Finds ScienceDaily (Jan. 19, 2010) — A significant ...

Radiation therapy may increase diabetes risk in childhood cancer survivors

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  double edged swords – they are the stuff of life.  Best to be aware and give consent to procedures only after you are fully informed. “It ...

Bees Wax and Cancer

Beeswax and the cure for cancer   Radiation is a useful tool for treating certain types of cancerous tumors, and in recent years radiation therapy has grown as a field in leaps and ...

Breast Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer Detection Catches a New Wave   By Noreen Parks ScienceNOW Daily News 28 November 2006 A new technology that uses sound waves to probe tissue may prove to be a ...
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