Letter to Patients

June 17, 2013

Dear Friends of the Weeks Clinic,

This is a sad day for us personally but also for Washington State holistic medicine in general. On March 7th 2013, after a 3½ year marathon of defending my practice of holistic, integrative medicine from challenge by the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC), my license to care for you was suspended for three years. Last Friday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Alan Hancock refused to “stay” the sanction, thereby preventing me from continuing to care for patients pending completion of the legal appeal.

Regarding the details of my case, let’s start with the fact that there were no complaints by any patients! There were no allegations by MQAC that any patients were harmed. All the patients at issue appreciated my care and their health improved as a result of my treatment. So why did MQAC suspend my license? Six to ten years ago I prescribed very low doses of HGH as one component of a comprehensive corrective protocol for seriously ill patients. We vigorously assert that this is legal and appropriate integrative treatment, which is currently being prescribed by thousands of doctors in the US and worldwide. (see www.a4m.com)

We were not surprised by the biased administrative proceeding wherein the conventionally oriented commissioners crafted a “self-generated” complaint, charged me with unprofessional conduct, and then acted as judge, jury and executioner. But we were dismayed by the superficial, careless (i.e. “could not care less”) disregard by the Superior Court judge for 1) case law, 2) legislative intent, 3) due process 4) Constitutional rights, 5) the needs of our patients who rely upon corrective holistic medicine and 6) the legislatively mandated right of Washington State citizens to choose non-traditional treatment. It was a travesty of justice.

I was attacked by MQAC because I offer successful integrative medicine in Washington State. Lest you think that my case is unique (as MQAC would have you believe), no less than seven Washington state holistic medical doctors have been sanctioned or charged with unprofessional conduct in the past year, including Jonathan Wright MD, whose license was suspended unjustly last month. See also this article about how oncologist Glenn Warner’s license was revoked in 1997 for using holistic methods to help cancer patients. https://weeksmd.com/2013/06/medical-board-harassment-1997-and-2013/ . Tragically, the attack by MQAC on holistic doctors continues today; it will only get worse unless patients like you and your loved ones stand up for freedom of choice! If holistic medicine is shut down here in Washington, it will be easier to attack doctors in other states. If you want to be informed of important developments, subscribe to “Centsible Health News” by visiting weeksmd.com/contact/enews/. We will keep you informed about our appeal as well as ways you can
contribute and have your voice heard in this effort.

We all have different callings. I had chosen to care for people who are suffering with illnesses by using innovative, scientifically-validated treatment protocols because, quite simply, such corrective methods are “centsible” (i.e. safe, effective, and cost-effective). My commitment to offering what I think is best for patients has resulted in my being harassed for 20 years by the orthodoxy through the power of MQAC enforcement. Innovation is never welcomed, but it is necessary! We will push on!

We are so sorry that, pending our judicial appeal, we can no longer care for you as your chosen doctor. From now on, all medical services, including prescription renewals, will revert to your other doctors. The good news is we will continue to advocate for you, inform you of health care options to discuss with your doctors, and champion the cause of health care freedom. It has been a tremendously gratifying honor to care for you and your loved ones and we remain optimistic. Email or call with questions. As always, we are here to help!

Yours truly,

Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

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