the Wisdom of the bee hive – they self-medicate!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:    Having been a beekeeper long before I became a medical doctor, it is accurate to say that the bees were my first teachers as regards health and healing.  Apitherapy, treatments deriving from honey bee products is an ancient tradition and ripe with blessings.  Bee venom, raw honey and proThis article is astonishing!



Bees ‘Self-Medicate’ When Infected With Some Pathogens

ScienceDaily (Mar. 30, 2012) ”” Research from North Carolina State University shows that honey bees “self-medicate” when their colony is infected with a harmful fungus, bringing in increased amounts of antifungal plant resins to ward off the pathogen.”The colony is willing to expend the energy and effort of its worker bees to collect these resins,” says Dr. Michael Simone-Finstrom, a postdoctoral research scholar in NC State’s Department of Entomology and lead author of a paper describing the research. “So, clearly this behavior has evolved because the benefit to the colony exceeds th