Nurture the Spirit

The spirit concerns itself, after all else is considered, with the relationship between rudder and compass. Heart-warmed thinking from the soul informs, but despite the weather and the wind direction, the spirit steers the bark.

An Inspiration (thanks Habib!)

Marshall Stewart Ball                Biographic Synopsis                                      Images from Childhood Marshall Stewart Ball is a brilliant 22-year-old who touches people’s hearts through a veil of silence. […]

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Poetry and innovation

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Great poetry changes lives.  read and write on! How Innovation Is More Poetry Than Science BY DANIEL W. RASMUS |  This article

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The Heart of Man

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   In poetry we find clarity and focused inspiration.  Enjoy this, by AE Houseman!   ‘Tis five years since, `An end,’ said

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Accordion by Robert Service Some carol of the banjo, to its measure keeping time; Of viol or of lute some make a song. My battered

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