Medical Political

Medicine is now more political than personal. Be informed.
Choice in health care is endangered.

Use it or Lose it

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Here is further scientific evidence that our cognitive function when elderly is conditioned by how we use our brains as we grow […]

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FDA in ethical trouble again… Editorial Pursuit of the Whistle-Blowers Published: February 14, 2012 A federal lawsuit filed against the Food and Drug Administration raises disturbing questions about whether

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Publish and Perish

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:    Publication is not easy.  Read this amazing account  and pay attention to the recommendations at the end.     Then enjoy this gem

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Confused about healh care reform compromises? Follow the money…

Key Lawmakers in Health-Care Debate Reveal Investments in Health Industry     <font id=”role_document” size=”3″ color=”#000000″ face=”Arial”><A title=blocked::;h=v8/384b/3/0/*/t;215512907;6-0;0;37592806;4252-336/280;31762474/31780350/1;;~okv=;A=2;D=5;C=2;C=5;E=BAACI;S=37;S=245;P=2;VS=2;dir=businessnode;~aopt=0/ff/110075/ff;~fdr=215485021;0-0;0;4426061;4307-300/250;31814797/31832673/1;;~okv=;A=2;D=5;C=2;C=5;E=BAACI;S=37;S=245;P=2;VS=2;dir=businessnode;~aopt=2/1/110075/1;~sscs=?;me=banner&amp;met=planet2&amp;re=washpost&amp;s_tact=106aw01w&amp;cm_mmc=agus_brthinkpln2-20081111-106aw01w-_-b-_-planet2-_-washpost href=”;me=banner&amp;met=planet2&amp;re=washpost&amp;s_tact=106aw01w&amp;cm_mmc=agus_brthinkpln2-20081111-106aw01w-_-b-_-planet2-_-washpost” target=_new></A></font> Lawmakers Reveal Health-Care Investments Key

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