AntiAging – thoughts from 1996



Thoughts on Aging

                   ……………….”The goal, of course is to die young as late as possible…”


Rule #1       “Avoid premature and unnecessary death”


            lack of exercise  (use it or lose it)

            overeating  (caloric restriction)

            tobacco (cancer and vascular disease)

            grain alcohol  (liver toxin- hampers detoxification)

“Three or more alcoholic drinks a day uis the most common cause of reversible or curable hypertension.”  N.K. Kaplan, M.D.  U. Texas Health Sciences Center , Dallas

            drinking and driving

            pollution (heavy metals like mercury

            infections (HIV)

            stress (traffic, worry

            avoid cancer ( eat less red meat and less animal fats, eat more veggies and fruits, drink green tea, eat more soybean protein, if you smoke, QUIT!

(Try  EasyQUIT -see call  800/333-7374 and use the following number: “R-386930013 for your order.  Cost is $179 (see money back guarantee from the Oxyfresh company).


Rule #2  “Eat food that is alive.”

            “Life comes from life”  Paracelsus


            organic whole foods (you can tell by the short shelf-life)

            drink pure water

            raw foods are best for nutrients (esp. raw seeds and nuts)

            Read   Enter the Zone  by Dr. Barry Sears


Hint: “Chew your liquids and drink your solids.”  Kushi


Remember:  There is no such thing as “junk food”. In truth, there is food and

                     there is junk (which can be deceptive since it is made to look like food! For For example: cured meats (80% increased risk of brain cncer -UNC Chapel Hill) and hot dogs with nitrites and nitrates (12 hot dogs/month gave kids 10 fold greater risk of leukemia – UCLA)!


Rule #3  “Practice preventive medicine through Balance”

                  “Replenish the deficiencies, detoxify that which is in excess.”


Common Deficiencies as we age:

1) Antioxidants           Note: Free radical damage cells causing premature aging

                     Antioxidants quench the fires or rust of free radical cellular damage


Studies report that elderly (67+) people who take antioxidants have 

                                                                                    50% less death from any cause

                                                                                    13% less cancer

                                                                                    50% greater survival with cancer

                                                                                    50% less heart attacks and strokes

                                                                                    70% less skin cancer

                                                                                    36% less cataracts      

                                                                                    50% less infections

            RX: : Vitamin E, C, betacarotene, carotinoids, grape skin and seed extract


2) Stomach Acid

       Digestive forces wane as we age causing malabsorption of nutrients. Especially           problematic is the inability to absorb minerals and digest proteins.

            RX:  Betaine HCl with Pepsin or Botanazyme

            RX: Probiologic product with acidophillus and co-factors (Botanaflor)


Note: If you don’t have good digestive forces, you won’t absorb minerals, B vitamins and amino acids. If I were to be stuck on a desert island and could take only one supplement with me, it would be betaine HCL.


3) Hormones 

       These are the fuel of life and vitality. Think back to age 17….

            RX: natural progesterone for women,

            RX: natural testosterone for men and women

            RX: natural DHEA for men and women


4) Sense of Meaning and Purpose

         These are thrust upon us in our youth but we need to create them as we age.


4) Friendships and contact with family.

         Intimacy is the best medicine.


Common Toxicities as we age:

1) Heavy Metals (mercury, lead, cadmium)

2) Additives in food and water (fluoride, nitrites, aspartame)

3) Stress, (changes in personal relationships, chronic illnesses, coping with losses)

4) Homocysteine (“10% of all USA heart attacks, or 150,000 every year are tied to high     homocysteine levels”. Meir J. Stampfer, Ph.D. Harvard School of Medicine)



Rule #4  “Optimum Anti-Aging Health Habits”

            create meaning in your life

            exercise daily

            drink eight  8oz glasses of water/day away from meals (start before getting out of                            bed to start the day well hydrated)

            drink tea (polyphenols, bioflavanoids, quercetin, catechins)

            red wine better than white (6 years old is best),

            avoid coffee (adrenal damage, oil based pesticided roasted beans)

            graze through day (leave the table hungry)

            eat “living” food and use a digestive enzyme (Betaine HCL)

            eat raw unsalted nuts  (Note: enthusiastic nut eaters -more than 5 servings a                                                                                 week- had half the heart attacks of those who ate nuts once a week – Loma Linda    University study )

            supplement with absorbable, bioavailable nutrient capsules (not tablets) and look                            on the label for this confirmation “this product  conforms to the USPXXIII                       requirements for disintegration and dissolution or oil and water based                              capsules”

*I recommend LifePak Prime as the best all around vitamin, mineral, phytochemical product for seniors. It is expensive but well worth it. I know of no comparable nutritional product on the market. If  interested, call 801-345-9651 for a 6 minute recorded message. Or please feel free to call my office or inquire at the front desk of the Island Athletic Club.


Give Yourself A Checkup

Fatigue: minerals and vitamins as well as B shots

Senility: B complex and B12, ginko biloba, lecethin, Vit E and glutamine

Energy: minerals esp chromium and magnesium and CoQ 10

Immune strength: zinc, glutamine and selenium

Avoid the Flu: Vitamin A palmitate, aloe vera extract (Acemannan)

Flexibility:  essential fatty acids and glutathionine (from L-glutamine)

Cardiac Arrhythmias:  magnesium, taurine, carnitine, folic acid, essential fatty acids

Angina: Magnesium, essential fatty acids, CoQ 10, folic acid,


Note: the above nutrients are “featured” for the complaint, but they are only pieces in the orchestra, you need a COMPLETE vitamin and mineral supplement to maintain balance. In addition, when too far out of balance, you may need pharmaceutical medications to stay alive while you try to regain a healthy balance.


Quotable Quotes:

“Even older people who consume pretty good diets experience enhanced immunity by taking a good multivitamin supplement.” John Bogden, M.D.  University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

“You can extend longevity by restricting food even after full adulthood and middle age”. Roy Walford, M.D.  UCLA School of Medicine.

“If I thought you had an early case of Alzheimer’s today, I would tell you to take large doses of vitamin E and vitamin C.” William Markesbery, M.D. Director U. Kentucky Center on Aging.

“Always suspect vitamin B 12 deficiency if an older person develops unexplained neuropsychiatric problems (like senility)”. Robert Russell, M.D. Tuft University School of Medicine.

“For anyone over age fifty or so, taking coenzyme Q-10 supplements could re energize aging tissues, alleviating the effects of aging process and age associated diseases” Anthony Linnane, M.D. Centre Molecular Biology and Medicine, Monash University, Clayton Australia

“I think that ubiquinol-10 (coenzyme Q-10) is going to turn out to be just as important as vitamin E and C.” Bruce Ames, M.D. UCBerkeley

“We have come to realize that loss of mental capacity with age is not inevitable. The old idea that senility is a normal accompaniment of aging is simply wrong.” Leonard Hayflick, M.D.  U.Cal SF Dept Gerentology.

“Eating trans fatty acids, particularly margarine, kills from thirty thousand to one hundred fifty thousand Americans every year from heart disease.” Walter Willett, M.D. Harvard School of Public Health.

“Ginko has earned a reputation for improving the quality of life for the elderly in Europe (5 million prescriptions/year in Germany alone), and should be a part of the plan for anyone who hopes to live to a ripe and healthy old age.” Rob McCaleb

“Adequate selenium intake is unquestionable necessary if one is to attain optimal health and full life span potential.” Sheldon Saul Hendler, M.D., Ph.D., UCSD School of Medicine.


and finally:

“You are responsible in large part for your successful old age. Many of the aspects of being old that were considered due to the intrinsic aging process are really related to lifestyle”. John Rowe, M.D. Director McArthur Foundation Research network on Successful Aging and of New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and School of Medicine


Suggested Reading:

Enter The Zone  Barry Sears, Ph.D.

Stop Aging Now  Jean Carpenter

Reclaiming our Health  John Robbins

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause   John Lee, M.D.

Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill Udo Erasmus


Bradford S. Weeks,   lecture © 1996


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