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Last year, Dr. Allen Roses, a worldwide Vice President at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Europe‘s largest drug company, gave an interview to the respected British national newspaper, the Independent, in which he stated that more than 90 percent of drugs only work in 30-50 percent of people (Independent, Dec 8, 2003).  To many in the alternative medicine community, who have long been pointing out the ineffectiveness of many standard medical interventions, Roses’ statement was remarkable as much for its source as for its content.  For here was someone from the highest echelons of the drug industry – and a high-ranking academic scientist to boot (Dr. Roses is leading geneticist at Duke University) – admitting that a staggeringly high proportion of what is done in the name of medical science is known to be essentially useless.



But how are patients to know what works and what does not?   How are people to make informed treatment choices if they cannot rely on the efficacy of the treatments that are recommended to them by their physicians? 



For thirty years I have been studying and writing about cancer and its treatment, sifting through the medical evidence, analyzing the published data in order to ascertain what works and what does not.   The Moss Reports, a series of more than two hundred separate reports on different types of cancer and their treatment, represents the distillation of the knowledge and insight I have acquired.  



If you or your family are dealing with cancer, a Moss Report can provide you with the key to understanding the best that conventional and alternative medicine have to offer.  You can order a Moss Report on your specific cancer type by calling Diane at 1-800-980-1234 (814-238-3367 from outside the US), or by visiting our website:


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