HEALTH TIP 12-1-07

Broccoli – the best of the anti-cancer veggie

Recently at ACAM ( a great lecture was presented by a colleague which clarified that the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables is primarily due to vegetables and of the veggies, the most potent are in the cruciferous family (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, mustard greens, turnips, wasabi, daikon and my personal favorite … brussels sprouts…. sauteed with butter/mustard or truffle oil) . br-sp-2.jpg

However, of the that august family, as far as fighting cancer is concerned, broccoli is king!

As irony would have it, the bitter of the broccoli is where the potent anti-cancer compounds reside and we learn this just as agribusiness is trying to sell us genetically modified broccoli so that it is sweeter (less bitter) and therefore tastes better to the average American.

If one desires to supplement to enhance more effect from the cruciferous vegetables in your diet, BioDim is the powered supplement which offers similar benefit to these curciferous vegetables, but eating the real food is the place to start!


eat your broccoli – eat it raw (or lightly steamed) and make certain to buy organic!

To your health!



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