lipids protect the membranes


Colleagues using this protocol report having children who re-gain language on a weekly basis. We try to not use synthetic chemicals with any child. We try and avoid DMPS, DMSA, EDTA. No Valtrex, Diflucan, DMSA, Naltrexone, Actos, Avandia, 6-MP, TD-DMPS or antibiotics. This reduces side effects or ‘herx’ reactions.

We have chosen to protect our pediatric patients by using only natural intravenous and oral therapy. We want to think clearly regarding toxins: A toxin which has impacted the brain and nervous system cannot be reached with drugs and chemicals. Does it make sense to put more drugs and chemicals into a small body whereby the liver and immune system and brain are already compromised? Antibiotics and chemical chelators do not pass the blood brain barrier nor do they pass through the cell membrane. We are merely chasing a string by the use chemicals. Many children with autism have sustained tremendous liver damage due to the use of Tylenol. Children with recurrent ear (or other) infections (and use before/after vaccination) have usually had high exposure to Tylenol. There are so very many toxins little ones can be exposed to. Rarely will you find just one as lead or mercury. Often Lyme, PANDAS (strep), toxic mold (NOT an allergy to mold), West Nile virus, Parvo, EBV, HHV6, CMV, solvents, pesticides… that are part of the toxic picture. You cannot sweat toxins out of the brain, CNS or liver.

All the toxins need to be approached at the same time. By using IV Lipostabil PC we can use a phospholipid to detoxify the brain, the CNS, the liver, the kidney because PC can penetrate the BBB and the cell membrane. The brain is 60% lipid. Using Lipostabil we can clean and nourish the brain at the same time.

>We follow the Lipostabil with Leucovorin (potent methylator) and in the last step Glutathione which cannot penetrate the BBB or the cell membrane on its own but can be carried in with Lipostabil PC preceding it. Glutathione flushed across metallothionein can then pull bound metals – Hg, Ar, Pb, Cd – and safely remove them depositing them in the urine and feces.

We approach autism from a cell membrane perspective. Data presented on abnormalities in autism link over and over again to the instability of phospholipids in the membrane and disturbed EFA metabolism. When a child has GI inflammation, hepatic stress, immune dysregulation, neuroinflammation, neurotoxicity, disturbed methylation …. all of these are the aftermath of toxic insult that fundamentally disturbs membrane stability and function. We quite beautifully address this with delivering phospholipids directly to the brain, the tissues, the organs. We use IV phenylbutyrate to address neuroinflammation. The cause of the neuroinflammation is that of a buildup of ceramides – or lipid rafts comprised of very long chain fatty acids-that distort the cell membrane and compromise its function.

To our delight, our children who were diagnosed with ‘autism’ often do speak in complete sentences the first few days they are with us. And then we realize that autism is nothing more than neurotoxicity. It can be dealt with safely and swiftly without side effects. Our therapy has also has an equally positive impact on PDD and seizure disorders as well as ALS, Parkinsons, MS, post stroke, Alzheimer’s, NeuroLyme, and CFIDS.

intervention is needed as the concepts of ‘the right molecule’ from Linus Pauling and ‘the membrane is everything’ that Bruce Lipton have taught us. The outer lipid layer is comprised of 50% phosphatidylcholine. The membrane IS where the action is! We need to clean it and maintain its optimal function.



Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is one of the most groundbreaking therapies now available. PC supports positive outcomes of patients with states of toxicity and neurological disorders.


Leucovorin Rx is a B vitamin, Folinic acid, which supports the body processes of detoxification per methylation and helps to stabilize phospholipids in the cell membrane.


Glutathione is a naturally occurring tripeptide synthesized within the body which safely and effectively supports the detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals


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