Music – the metaphor of healing

 Dr. Weeks loves music and thinks of health in terms of musical metaphor  – playing a musical instrument.  In order to play an instrument well (to be healthy) one needs four factors 1) a well-built and well-maintained instrument, 2) a tuned instrument,  3) someone who loves playing the instrument  and 

someone who has composed or can create de novo (improvise) a musical piece.  Those four factors represent, respectively,  1) the physical body (the instrument),  2) the vibrational or etheric body (being tuned),  3) the soul’s delight in life (the joy of the musician) and  4) the birthright of all humans to participate in the spiritual act of creation of their life (the composer).  For this reason, all protocol recommendations from Dr. Weeks are designed to correct imbalances in  1) your biochemistry (physical body),  2)  your vitality (energetic, vibrational, etheric body or  “chi”)  3) your emotional being (the soul) and 4) your self-esteem  (your spirit). Dr. Weeks believes that all four of these “bodies” interweave and affect each other constantly. That said, he also believes that the predominant process is a trickle-down effect meaning that your spirit (thoughts, values and attitudes) affects your soul (feeling, attachments, urges) which in turn affects your  vitality (sleep processes, growth and regeneration forces, stamina) which finally affects your physical body (substance and biochemical matter). Therefore, at the Weeks Clinic, we pay particular attention to the spirit since we consider that to be the best target for correcting illnesses or states of “dis-sease”.  Therefore, you will note that each health challenge which we compose for you as described in your Corrective Protocol  handout  has four categories of intervention in order to strive for balance and integration of your four “bodies”.  Those interventions include dietary changes, nutritional supplements and medicines for the physical body,  energetic or vibrational homeopathic remedies for the etheric or energy body,  exercises to develop will forces and the ability to visualize for soul strengthening and meditative or mastery of thought behavior for the spirit. Furthermore, Dr. Weeks does not see health as a goal sufficient unto itself, but rather as a means toward an end.  He hopes you will wonder about what changes you will make in your life once you are healthier. 

          Dr. Rudolf Steiner, father of Anthroposophy taught that we learn in two manners – we learn through thinking about our experiences (e.g. “that burns, I won’t touch that again”) and, on a deeper level, that which we can’t learn through thinking, we learn through suffering. This is the path of compassion or heart-warmed thinking.  In this second realm of learning, illness often serves as our best teacher. In that sense, we are well advised to seek the gift within the pain in order to harvest the fruits of out illnesses (see Dr. L.F.C. Mees’ book  “Blessed By Illness”).  Steiner, who also created the Waldorf School system (“Education towards Freedom”), would also agree that the goal of the doctor is to help people grow towards freedom.  Why is that? Perhaps we might all agree that the most important goal of human beings is to love one another. Love, we all know, cannot be coerced or forced in any manner. Therefore, if love is to exist, it must be given freely.  Dr. Weeks has witnessed many incidences of illness teaching people to love – be it the cancer patient who acknowledged that only when he faced death did he finally learn to express his love for his children, or the woman who only was able to lovingly forgive whole-heartedly when she faced her health challenges.  It is so common as to be cliché – illness often brings out the best in us. So,  to the degree that illnesses help us focus on our imbalances or self-destructive patterns and offers to make better lovers of us all, the doctor is well-advised to not miss the opportunity to use the illness to enhance the entire well-being of the patient on the four levels discussed above.  

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