Practicing Medicine under Big Brother

The Gestapo, Reborn ,  Takes over American Medicine


Folks, a new menace is threatening your health, and you know nothing about it. It’s more insidious than Big Pharma monopoly. It’s quieter than the scandals of late over drugs which have killed or maimed tens of thousands. This menace now has your life and the livelihoods of Amereica’s 650,000 physicians in its grasp. Even beyond the livelihoods of physicians, you will see that it also imperils their freedom. Unlike new cures, this is news I tearfully bring to you.  But you must know what your government has done. And if you are one of the many health care professional subscribers, please read this extra carefully. If you are part of Medicare, or provide any statement to your patients entitling them to insurance reimbursement, there’s no way that you have not committed a federal crime today. I am writing this on behalf of alternative doctors like myself, AND orthodox providers. We all have a right to serve you unfettered by what is about to befall us.


The roots of the coming catastrophe go way back to the creation of Medicare and government provided health coverage. This created a Federal bureaucracy of thousands of enforcers enforcing laws and regulations thousands of pages long. Violate a regulation and your doctor could face triple fines and long term incarceration. Now I can understand punishment for out and out fraud. But that is not how government controlled medical care has traveled. For that, we look to the universal plan pushed by Bill and Hilary Clinton 12 years ago.


Bill and Hilary tried to create one universal system – under the government. It was essentially cookbook medicine, written and controlled at every level by government. Very quickly, the public awakened. The realized that with the Clinton program, government would dictate what diseases you were allowed to have, and the treatments government would permit for the diseases you were allowed to have. If your disease did not exist in their listing, too bad, no treatment. If only drugs, radiation and surgery were listed in the approved treatments, too bad. Even if it was clearly a nutritional deficiency or a toxin, too bad. You might get allowed a petrochemical pharmaceutical to suppress your suffering.  Medicine right out of a book! Forget that you’re an individual human and your headaches might be different than the next guy’s.


Clinton‘s program bit the dust, and hard. But you have to give the Devil his due. Key provisions were essentially encoded into a new law in 1996 called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). This act created new health care laws on top of the existing mountain of laws. It funded an army of new law enforcement agents, swarming throughout the country to investigate a new class of “health care”’ criminals. Federal officials have interpreted the new law as including these professions in the enforcers grip: Nurses, chiropractors, podiatrists, emergency medical technicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, acupuncturists, dieticians, aides, and licensed or certified alternative medicine practitioners such as homeopaths and naturopaths. Know any one of these?


The prestigious Cato Institute recently published a treatise on a looming catastrophe for every health care professional. Even before this Medicare’s had regulations that allow the agency to walk into your doctor’s office and look at a few records. From there, agents can extrapolate the estimated over billings to the whole practice on the basis of the sampling. Then he will get hit with penalties as great as 300%. And if the agents are really after him, he can be indicted for fraud. All over clerical errors. What might be a billing error? Taking a few more minutes to explain to you your case that the government cookbook allows for your “diagnosis” is just one.


The Clinton inspired HIPPA carries the rack into the stratosphere. Now, your doctor will have committed a Federal crime if he violates or conspires to violate any of the nine current criminal statutes, or any of the 4 new crimes the act establishes. These include fraud, embezzlement, false statements and obstruction. Under these draconian laws, anyone violating these laws to defraud any health benefit program faces imprisonment up to 10 years and a fine up to $250,000. If there is injury to the patient, the doctor can be imprisoned for 20 years.  There is a provision making it a Federal crime to make false statements in connection with health care delivery. There is a penalty for “incorrect coding or medically unnecessary” services (false statements). Conviction of such an offence can lead to more charges. After all, your doctor is commingling funds earned from Medicare into the regular practice account, constituting money laundering.  


It gets far worse than this. The Feds generously funded the law enforcement section of the act. But now both Medicare beneficiaries and health plan employees are encouraged to become whistleblowers on their providers. And like Nazi Germany, a simple charge makes you guilty. Even before wrongdoing is proven is a court of law, the mere charge can lead to instant exclusion of your provider from Federal programs. Without guilt or conviction, your doctor could be financially ruined. And then penniless, he would have no money to defend himself.


Dr. Robert Waller is chairman emeritus of the Mayo Foundation He testified in 1998, before a National Bipartisan Commission on the future of Medicine. He showed that the number of pages of federal health care rules and regulations his facilities must follow now totals 132, 720, with 111,000 covering Medicare. Physicians get lost in the fog of these regulations. They dilute the value of their medical care and records to become a billing and coding record. “It steals time from patient care and scholarship”.  Physicians have no idea whether or not Medicare will pay for services until after the fact.


Even Medicare bureaucrats struggle to define the meaning of “medically improper or necessary health care services”. The ultimate decision rests with people hundreds or thousands of miles away from your encounter with your doctor. This creates an impossible “twilight zone” for conscientious providers according to Florida dermatologist Dr. Philip Catalano. Just look at this idiocy:


“HCFA (Health care Financing Administration) has decided that only a limited number of actinic keratosis (pre cancerous skin lesions) can be frozen within a given period of time. You may have severe sun damage and (get) the upper limit done (now 15 on a single day).  You come back in a few months with another lesion and Medicare can reject payment as exceeding the imposed limits. Interestingly, Medicare won’t tell your doctor what those upper limits are, just that he has exceeded them. (And in exceeding them, he falls liable for civil and criminal penalties).

To add a double jeopardy, Medicare forbids you to privately contract with your doctor to remove the lesions even paid for by you. Your doctor would have to get out of the Medicare program for at least two years to accept a penny in direct payment from you.

Now to me, this sounds like you have become the private property of the government to do with your body what it pleases. Whatever happened to the right of private contract?


Can you see it any differently? Now consider this example. You ask your doctor for a stool test for blood as a screen for colon cancer, but have no symptoms. It’s positive. It’s caught in time and your life is saved. However, your doctor billed Medicare for a preventive service, which to Medicare is fraud. The absence of intent to cheat Medicare doesn’t matter. Your doctor gets fined up to $10,000 (or jailed for ordering the test even when he had no personal profit from a lab test.


This issue is so huge, that medical malpractice insurance companies are offering insurance for fraud investigations. PIC of Wisconsin says “there has been a lot of activity by feds who are looking for ways to investigate and uncover billing errors.” Some insurance companies are prying on physician fears about such investigations in marketing their insurance products. They are selling expensive coverage and defensive educational materials, significantly adding to overall medical costs.


Medicare has added a “bounty hunter” provision in HIPPA. Senior citizens are paid to ferret out fraud. Seniors become eligible for bounties if information on improper billing by their doctors uncovers abuses. I maintain that fascism is alive and well in Washington. Is this not the same technique that the Nazis used to encourage children to turn in their parents as resistors? If you decide that you’re not pleased with the outcome, manners, charges, or even a long wait in the waiting room, you could simply tell Medicare the doctor only spent 5 minutes with you and charged for 15. The Nazis will swarm upon the doctor ripping apart his office for evidence in this complaint and any others incidents they can find. Confidential records of hundreds will end up in the hands of the fascists.


 Am I dreaming this? The Cato Institute tells us it’s already happened: One physician did not think a service would be covered and told his patient the same. He called program administrators and was told the service would be covered. He was soon paid, but officials LATER changed their minds. He was required to reimburse Medicare. He complained and soon found federal investigators in his office demanding to audit his entire practice.


The impact of government inserting itself between your doctor and you in the most intimate decisions of your life, in my humble opinion, is very grave. The Cato Institute repeatedly stated in its article that practicing by the bureaucratic book to avoid prosecutions will stifle innovation and scholarly care in your treatment. Your doctors’ medical educational time will be compromised in protecting himself from fines and jail. He will have to hire many new staff to protect him from the Gestapo. And guess who ends up paying for all this in the end!  You wonder why the nation’s so called “health bill” it soaring. I used to think it was simply because medicine was practiced with petrochemicals rather than things that actually promote healing. Now I believe a good fraction of the cost is government largesse and extortion, red tape criminal prosecutions, and other Gestapo BS.


Jonathan Emord, a noted attorney who protects doctors from all varieties of government attacks says” Rewarding those who enforce Medicare fraud and abuse regulations with more program funds creates strong institutional incentives for those enforcers to pursue as many investigations as possible. Thus, there will be increased risk that the innocent as well as the guilty will suffer punishment.” ”˜The IRS is abandoning similar incentive programs of rewarding agents for how much money they could extort from taxpayers.’ “At the same time, Congress has mandated such a system for Medicare”. 


According to former attorney General Edwin Meese III and colleagues in an American Bar Association Task force report: ”˜for most of American history, federal criminal jurisdiction was limited to truly criminal and national matters, such as piracy, treason, counterfeiting, bribery of federal officials and perjury in federal courts. Now we have moved into an era where we have federalized “everything that walks, talks and moves.”’


Once upon a time I had a relationship with you and you alone. If I violated you, you had recourse in the courts. Now, without even a whimper from you, even if you were ecstatic at the service, even if you were a millionaire and wanted to pay for some extra services, I am (unknowingly) committing federal crimes by serving you.


Folks, I must apologize for the language, but I just can’t find any other suitable descriptive words for these tactics than Gestapo like, totalitarian, or fascist. Why? Consider: payoffs to turn in people, wiping out a practitioners ability to earn a living even before being proven guilty, destroying his ability to defend himself, your doctor being raided, assets seized and being hauled off to jail for violations he didn’t even know existed. Now think of the Jew in Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany exploded into a totalitarian state, largely using the tenants of a German philosopher named Georg Hegel. There are three steps to this process: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. In it, the state concocts a thesis. Such could include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. your doctor is taking advantage of you;
  2. people are too stupid to take care of themselves
  3. supplements can kill you
  4. marijuana and other drugs are destroying society.
  5. Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals are responsible for the German misery (1933)


Now according to the Hegelian observations, the reaction (the antithesis) of government to the fabricated theses would be (respectively):

  1. Propose laws to prevent the terrible doctors from taking advantage of you and make criminals out of those that are found to violate government dictates.
  2. Propose laws to prevent people from taking care of themselves. Place that ability into the hands of a privileged class that is easy to regulate and control.
  3. Propose laws that will regulate supplements like drugs, protecting you by preventing your access or criminalizing your access.
  4. Propose laws making criminals out of those who previously were no danger to anyone, except perhaps themselves.
  5. Propose laws segregating Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals from the population. Criminalize their activities. Eliminate them from society (1933).


And finally, the synthesis of the above two would be (respectively):

  1. eliminate discretion in medical practices. Criminalize any deviation from government dictates.
  2. pass licensing laws, eliminate anyone who does not comply by making them criminals.
  3. eliminate supplements. Criminalize deviations from government (corporate) standards and patented products)
  4. eliminate (incarcerate) those whose only crime was self abuse.
  5. elimination of Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals.


Government creates or fabricates a thesis (declaring a “major” problem to exist when no significant risk to society was ever present). Government then proposes an opposition to its thesis – eliminate what is sees as deviations from its declared problems. Finally, government growth and power explode with a “legitimate” claim to protect you (synthesis).Totalitarian states rose to power in this manner. I ask you if thee are any similarities between Nazi tactics and what’s happened to so called health care in this country? I think it’s perfectly clear.


Under HIPPA, I can assure you that in the course of one day, you doctor will have committed several infractions. These could include rendering care that some regulator won’t approve of. Or perhaps he honestly billed you for his total therapeutic time when federal guidelines prescribe that he should have booted you out 10 minutes before your needs were met. Heck, he could even be a criminal for giving you vitamin C for your cold.


Now assume that your doctor is a genius and can read 100 pages of the 132,720 pages of regulations each day. Assume that he can retain all the information. By golly, it will only take him 3.6 years to read them all. He could be a criminal long before he got to the end. But with the explosive growth of the rules, there’ll likely be another 3.6 years of reading, before he finishes the first round!  He can finish in jail.


Folks, it’s only a matter of time before your provider goes down. Dr. Garry Gordon of chelation fame has told me of lectures to doctor groups by big time federal enforcers. They are warning of what’s coming down on them and the 10 year statute of limitations. Heck, the statute of limitation on grand larceny is less than that! I believe that only crimes like murder have longer periods than these new health care crimes.


This is NOT an issue of alternative vs. orthodox. Previously it was just us alternative guys getting busted by local self serving medical boards. Our plight is poppycock to the bazillions in incentive rewards the federal fascist agents will get to turn in everyone. In other words, this crosses party and philosophical lines. Far more orthodox boys will bite the dust than alternative, simply because there are more of them. The final result will be to force all providers under one roof. There they will feel protected by a million attorneys and paralegals protecting them under that roof. You will foot the bill for that protection, perhaps 40% of your total “health” bill. This is the Brave New World of medicine. It’s coming to you courtesy of your elected officials and the Clinton corporate philosophy of cookbook medicine.


Are you angry yet? I hope so, because if you do nothing, you may not even be able to find a doctor to sew up your wound. He’ll want an attorney behind him, and you’ll pay for both! There’s only one solution to this. Government, at all levels, must be removed from your provider’s office. Your providers can’t do it for you. Your elected officials (your rulers) would see physician efforts as self serving. If you want to save your doctor, or other provider, from totalitarian medicine, YOU must take action.


This country was once set up for Congress and government to be our servants. They are now our rulers. By making acts criminal today that were not criminal yesterday, they have also become our jailers. Criminalizing every aspect of our lives gives government tyrannical power and reason to grow like cancer, to protect you from the criminals. But once in a while they do listen. Deluge Congress to repeal all (and I mean ALL) laws and agencies giving any capacity for the federal government oversight into your health care at any level. That includes the most draconian agency of all – Medicare. Both HIPPA and Medicare must be yanked out by their roots. I am bewildered by the attempt to privatize Social Security (financial security) while no consideration has been given to relinquishing government control of your body. The moral of the story is, if you want a benefit from government, you’ll not only pay for the benefit. They will also dictate the terms of the benefits, even if it benefits the pockets of an informer and enforcer over your health, pocket book and God given rights. Those terms can and will be changed at will to make the government even more powerful and render you and me at their mercy.


It is a misnomer that this is a “free country”, unless “freedom” like many other words of art has been secretly redefined by our rulers. Perhaps it now means freedom to follow medical dictates by whatever means we choose, dying or taking their chemicals. At the very least, medical rulers have assumed the role of custodians of your body. I could report on cures for some of the worst conditions. But if you have no provider to go to, the curse of their unavailability could be worse than no cures at all. Please wake up and take action before your doctors’ doors are forcibly closed. Get the federal thugs out of our homes, offices, private lives, and bodies. Read the Constitution and demand that the feds be limited only to those functions specifically granted it by that document. And most important, tell your friends as well. I believe that is an abomination to make a crime out of an action alone, where no one is hurt. Demand a return to the common law, wherein a crime was composed of two parts – a willful action (1) resulting in an injury (2). In 1776, the cry was “the British are coming!” Now the warning should be “The feds are coming!”      Cato journal vol 22 no1


Thesis – doctors are causing injury – an imaginary problem: “there is a problem”

antithesis we can’t allow it. Must state why People are getting injured it is unreasonable to let the go on

synthesis put the remedy throughout society. Society wants to back its government.

Where there are no problems, it creates a problem.

Marijuana, a few people were wigged out. It did not affect society as a whole.

Applying regulation to something that was harmless to begin with.

  • The thesis. This is an intellectual proposition. There does not have to be opposition. But as soon as you come along and object, the process starts
  • The antithesis. This is simply the negation of the thesis. We can’t allow it to happen addresses both
  • The synthesis. This solves the conflict between the thesis and antithesis by reconciling their common truths, and forming a new proposition. Takes the place of both
  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel recognized the problem and showed the formula
  • Hegelian dialect
  • Mercury causes illness, not true, get rid of them
  • as long as the philosophy exists, it is a threat, those threatened must get rid of the threat.


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