Prostate Cancer and Milk – read all about it!

                                      Avoid Dairy  re Prostate   
Blake Graham is a nutrition student in Perth, Australia. He has been
researching links between milk consumption and prostate cancer,
and has sent us dozens of scientific references. We share one dozen of
those citations with you today.
Please pass this information to any friend of relative who currently
has prostate cancer, or any male dairy consumer over the age of 40.
"For prostate cancer, epidemiologic studies consistently show a positive association with high consumption of milk, dairy products, and meats."
Giovannucci E., Adv Exp Med Biol
"Cases also reported more frequent consumption of milk and other dairy
products and meat, but no significant difference was noted for
vegetable intake."
Talamini R, Br J Cancer
1986 Jun;53(6):817-21
"Higher intake of meat and dairy products has been associated with greater risk of prostate cancer..."
Willett WC, Salud Publica Mex
1997, Jul-Aug;39(4):298-309
"Positive correlations between foods and cancer mortality rates were particularly strong in the case of meats and milk for breast cancer, milk for prostate and ovarian cancer, and meats for colon cancer."
Rose DP, Cancer
1986 Dec 1;58(11):2363-71
"Diet appears to be a major determinant in the incidence of prostate cancer. In a case-control study conducted in Athens, Greece, we found that dairy products, butter and seed oils were positively associated with risk of prostate cancer, whereas cooked and raw tomatoes were
inversely associated."
Bosetti C, Eur J Cancer Prev
2000, Apr;9(2):119-23
"Diets high in dairy products and meats are related to higher risk of prostate cancer incidence or mortality in most ecologic, case-control, and prospective studies."
Giovannucci E., Cancer Causes Control
1998, Dec;9(6):567-82
"Suggestive positive associations were also seen between fatal prostate cancer and the consumption of milk, cheese, eggs, and meat. "
Snowdon DA,Am J Epidemiol
1984, Aug;120(2):244-50
"The strongest and most consistent effects are positive associations
with animal products such as red meats, eggs and dairy foods, and
possibly by implication, fat."
Giles G, Ireland P., Int J Cancer
1997; Suppl 10:13-7
"Among major food groups, milk and dairy products as well as added lipids were marginally positively associated with risk for prostate cancer."
Tzonou A, Int J Cancer
1999, Mar 1;80(5):704-8
"High consumption of dairy products was associated with a 50 percent increased risk of prostate cancer. "
Chan JM, Cancer Causes Control
1998 Dec;9(6):559-66
"Positive trends in risk were found for consumption of cured meat and
milk products. "
Schuurman AG, Br J Cancer
1999, Jun;80(7):1107-13
"Biomarkers, including testosterone and insulin-like growth factor, and
nutritional factors, especially meat, fat, and dairy intake, have been linked to greater risk of disease. "
Chan JM, Semin Cancer Biol
1998, Aug;8(4):263-73


Robert Cohen
(201-871-5871) Executive Director Dairy Education Board

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