Sinus Problems…. Hummmm (really!)

Something More to Hum About

Swedish researchers have found that humming can help maintain healthy nasal passages and avoid sinus infections. Humming increases the amount of air exhaled from the nose versus other common exhalations, which could lower the risk of sinus infections if done routinely.

The researchers measured hummers’ exhalation levels by tracking nitric oxide (NO), a gas produced in the lungs and nasal passages to help blood vessels dilate. Humming increased the NO released into the nose from the sinuses.

Humming also facilitated the exchange of air from sinuses into nasal passages, which essentially ventilates the sinuses and protects them from infection. In addition to its ability to elevate the mind and heart, it seems that humming has even more to hum about.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2002;166:144-145

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