Step #1 for all Addictions

Problem: Addiction in General

1) Remember “Good people do Bad things for Good reasons.” 

Let’s find your good reason and meet that need in a healthy way.

2) Give yourself “the Dickens”  by painting a detailed specific picture 5 years out – horrible situation vs. thrilling situation as we discussed.  I will check in with you to see how rigorous you have been in painting this realistic picture – time of day, direction of the light, smells, what you are wearing, etc.

3) Remember all cravings and addictions are rooted in carbohydrate (sugar) excess and dehydration since these factors are responsible for your revvfing your engine and popping your clutch. This is a burn-out scenario that characterizes addictive behavior.

 So stop eating

  all refined breads (including pastries, cakes, muffins, bagels etc.),

– sugar (use raw honey, Xylitol, stevia, LoHan or FOS for sweetener)

– refined grains (white rice, cereals, potato etc.)

– fruit juices (unless you dilute them 50% with water)

– diet soda or regular soda


Eat what you can see growing in nature (apple OK,  apple juice NOT;  whole grain OK, bread, pasta, cereal, NOT;  water OK, soda NOT;  chicken OK, chicken nuggets NOT;  all the green (magnesium rich) vegetables OK;  fish, egg (not egg beaters), turkey, grass fed beef, lamb OK;  Organic is best.


Respond to any craving by swallowing as fast as you can a BIG glass of pure water. If one glass doesn’t remove the cravings, drink another and so on…

4)  Bio En’R -G’y C    1 level teaspoon every hour while awake in water or juice

5) Niacinamide    2  twice a day

6) NAC –  N acetyl cysteine. It is  a very good anti adrenochrome compound.  Cocaine blocks several of its pathways the body uses to detoxify adrenalin and forces it to increase the production of adrenochrome. This is why I think we have seen these sudden cardiac deaths. There is a massive discharge of adrenalin (sports etc) a massive conversion to adrenochrome which is cardiac toxic and it causes ventricular fibrillation. Niacin should also protect the heart and should be  taken by all coke addicts to protect themselves against death.

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