The Obesity Epidemic – USA “Weapons of Mass Consumption”

Obese at 8 months: the baby that already tips the scales at over 40 pounds

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An eight-month-old baby boy in Jilin, Northeast China has tipped the scales at 18.8 kg (41 pounds) and measuring 78 centimeters in height, he was born with a normal birth weight of 3.3 kg (7 pounds 4 oz).But it seems the mother feeds him whenever he is hungry which is….. 20 times a day.

Ahead only in weight category this poor fellow is not crawling and can’t sit up alone.

This is tragic for me because I have worked extensively in China and have consulted with Chinese corporations striving to resist American “weapons of mass consumption” (i.e. fast foods like MacDonald’s and KFC which create in their wake diseases of the white man – diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity).I was amazied to chance upon, of all things a Starbucks, in the Forbidden City – China’s imperial palace and perhaps her most revered space! I was astonished and somehow ashamed…


Recently, I finished working on a fantastic burn cream “MEBO” (see and editing the textbook:Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy


Author(s): Xu Rongxiang. ;
Editor(s): Sun Xia; Weeks, B.S.

“Regenerative Medicine”;is an innovative concept representing a unique approach to the regeneration of functional tissues and organs. This book reveals the scientific principles behind this newly discovered practice while instructing the reader in the procedure of Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT) and offering compelling examples of tissue and organ regeneration from ordinary cells incubated in potent nutrient baths.

by my friend of 15 years, Dr. Rong Xiang Xu.


To celebrate, in the summer of 2004, I took my wife and 4 daughters to China for a tour and perhaps most remarkable than allthe amazing sights – including

the Great Wall,


the beauty and mystery of the Li River in Guilin


the tranquility of the green tea roasting


and the craftsmanship of the Forbidden City,


more amazing than all that to my medically trained eyes, was the fact that we saw
only one fat chinese child in the entire 3 weeks!


It was amazing!

Now, as American habits sweep the world, the Chinese are suffering and this poor fellow in particular is a casuality of tragic overconsumption.


Health Tip:the only technique which all scientists agree works to consistently prolong life is…. caloric restriction.

That’s it!

Eating less works. Sharing your meal works.

In mice and men,eating less is the way to live longer.

Welcome to the Best of the Rest of your Life!

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