Second hand cell phone radiation?

Why should you keep your distance from someone on a cell phone? –a report from The Holistic Dental Digest PLUS — Dr. Jerry Mittelman.

 FACT:  It requires strong radiation for a cell phone to broadcast its signal out to relay station antennae. We can’t see or feel it, but it’s there.

 You will be affected if you are any-where near it, particularly if indoors, where the phone receives a message from the antenna to boost its   power. Exposure to this radiation adds stress to your life.

Medical research shows us that cell phones cause physiologic stress and can be dangerous to our health.  Look at this:

 “I have no doubt at the present time that the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation.”-Robert O. Becker, M. D.

 What’s this got to do with our teeth? Everything.   Gum disease is not only a matter of germs. We have to consider how the body deals with germs in the mouth.  A weakened immune system affects our gums, even tooth decay.

If stress from electromagnetic radiation hurts our resistive   capacity, what of the TMJ Syndrome, suffered by over 1/5 of us with   its grinding and clenching? Certainly, the way the teeth fit – or don’t fit when we bite or chew is important. But how the muscles   respond is directly related to our level of stress.

Lloyds of London indicates that cell phones are dangerous.  They refuse to underwrite cell phones– refusing to insure phone companies against the risk of damage to users’ health.  They may be forfeiting business, but they don’t want financial losses!


Britain’s Times reports that the US law firm that won $4.2 billion from the tobacco people is now seriously preparing cell phone cases!

MICROWAVE NEWS is loaded with good information on these phones.

See at this headline:  Cell Phone Radiation Alters Gene Expression in Motorola Study  — done at the Wash. Univ. School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Electromagnetic radiation is big business. “If there was any problem, the government would step in to protect us.”  Think again. With so much money involved, do you think there might be influence-buying in legislatures? Congressmen and lobbyists look and dress alike. But in posh restaurants, you can tell them apart by waiting to see who picks up the check.

See what Arthur Firstenberg writes in Healthmap Magazine:

 “…As far as low-level microwaves are concerned, the industry mantra is ‘there are no studies,’ when, in reality, there are   thousands. Much like in the asbestos and tobacco scandals, the telecommunications industry has suppressed evidence which has existed at least since ’27, when   colloid chemist Ernst Muth discovered that red blood cells are   forced to line up in  chains resembling strings of pearls, when exposed to radio waves far less  powerful than what is permitted by the FCC.”

With so much money invested in cell phones, we’re not likely to see this kind of information in the mass media.

Popular advice:  Keep your mobile phone at least 4 inches from your head.  “Use an ear hook-up — keep the phone at your side.” Good idea? This is supposed to avoid ‘hot spots’ in the brain — not so — more later.

Dr. John Diamond’s kinesiology testing can show that a cell phone turned on in one’s hip pocket can upset activity in the brain throwing the meridian energy circuits into complete imbalance. How do you feel this affects the motorist using a cell phone on the highway?

I tested a man recently.  His arm was chinning bar strong. But with the cell phone turned on in his hip pocket, that arm was like well-cooked spaghetti. Dr. Diamond can also show that cell phone electromagnetic radiation can upset the autonomic nervous system. This has a depleting effect on one’s immune system — on his resistive capacity.

And there’s the questionable factor of placing the phone right over the TMJ, immediately  before the ear! What’s happening to those acupuncture points there and around the ear? This is a very sensitive area.  It can, and does, affect distant parts of the body.

Dr. S. Braun, Germany,  reports in The Lancet, the British medical journal, that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, EMF, emitted  by cell phones, pumped blood pressure up.  Can we say this is the only abnormal physiologic ‘side-effect’ of the radiation?

 If I were a health insurance executive, I’d put a higher premium on smokers and cell phone users. Were I still in practice, I’d advise patients not to use cell phones and avoid those that do.

CHOICES:  A great deal of our physical, mental, and dental health is dependent upon the choices we make. It’s unavoidable.

Our choices depend upon our “Will to be well.”   Avoiding exposure to electromagnetic radiation is another choice we need to make to protect and preserve our health.

For More Information: CELLULAR PHONE TASKFORCE  and “The No Place To Hide” newsletter: 718-434-4499.

MICROWAVE NEWS:  212-517-2800

CROSS CURRENTS,    A Startling Look at the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Your Health, by Robert O. Becker, MD, published by Tarcher Putnam.  Dr. John Diamond:  914-533-2158

The Price Pottenger Foundation’s  Journal of Health & Healing Wisdom  -Summer ’99 issue – has a 4 page article by  D. Perlmutter,  MD, a neurologist:  Brain Tumors:   Are You Talking Yourself to Death?  The Hidden Dangers of Hand-Held Cellular Telephones.    Details:  619-574-7763.Headline from The Townsend Letter :  “BBC Program Claims New Evidence of Connection Between Cell Phones and Cancer”

Electromagnetic radiation creates chaos with our acupuncture meridian energy circuits.  It disturbs our energy systems, our physiology, the delicate balances in our body’s life processes. Like smoking, using a cell phone is not like jumping off a cliff.  It’s more like living next door to a toxic energy waste dump. A radio news story tells of a gas station conglomerate discouraging use of cell phones at their self-service filling pumps. They  have concern that the cell phones’ electromagnetic radiation may react with  the gas fumes and set off explosions!

This is particularly significant:  When people know the dangers of mobile phones, and they still use them, we think   of life-style choices that are a large determinant of our health. Cell phone  use affects everybody within the area affected by the electromagnetic radiation,  one’s family and associates.

 In  No Place To Hide  newsletter:   “. . . an ordinary  0.6 Watt cellular phone exposes everybody within a 100 yd. radius to more  than  1 nanowatt per square centimeter.

 “This makes  second-hand radiation much more dangerous than second-hand smoke.

 “The newer digital spread spectrum cordless phones that have a range of a mile or more will radiate an entire neighborhood. . ..”

 John Diamond observed that every time someone gets a call on his cell phone, the whole community is more involved in radiation. His grandson commented, “If they could see it, they’d do something about it!”

We feel that cell phone users are not only a threat to our health, they are going to cause health insurance costs – and other taxes –  to escalate.

The Latest Research:   Rats exposed to cell phone-like microwave radiation suffered memory loss and genetic mutations. This is from the Jan. ’00 issue of Bioelectro-magnetics which reports on the work of  Dr. Henry Lai at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle. This electromagnetic radiation has dental effects, as we’ve already discussed.

Reuters reports on British research that raises new fears on the safety of hands-free cell phones. It’s been shown that using hands-free   earpieces can, in some positions, boost the brain’s exposure to radiation  more than 300% compared to conventional cell phones.

Dr. John Diamond’s research shows that the radiation affects one’s brain function negatively. How safe does this make the car driver who uses a ‘hands-free’ phone?  “The way to accurate knowledge is to ask the correct questions.”

Using cell phones ‘makes you age faster.’  So say researchers at England’s Nottingham Univ. Sch. of Biological Sciences. Their study throws further doubt on cell phone manufacturers’ safety assurances. The study showed that cell phones prevent the body’s immune system from working properly.

Dr. David De Pomerai, research leader, said: “Gradually the life process becomes less efficient.”

Research at Bristol Univ. suggested that radiation from cell phones either heated the brain or scrambled its electric impulses.  Not a great way to find health.

ENERGY:   “There is growing evidence that all disease is the result of unbalanced or inadequate energy flow throughout the human.” –Avrom King

 When majoring in chemistry at the Univ. of Penna., studies in physical chemistry clearly crystallized the fact in my mind that chemistry is basically energy.

 All the chemistry that makes up the human body – the proteins, fats, even the water – is in reality energy. Is it too simplistic to ask, “Is not our body eventually atoms? Are not atoms energy?”

Why is this important to us? If we want to maintain health, we need protect the delicate balances of energy that are ‘us.’

Putting a microwave transmitter (cell phone) near to our body disrupts our acupuncture meridian energy circuits . . . and those of everyone nearby.

That most people, including doctors, are unaware of the significance of these acupuncture meridian energy circuits does not make them less vital to our health.

“In addition to the danger to oneself, using a cell phone exposes everyone within 100 yards to significant radiation.

 “Prof. M. Bastwide of Montpellier Univ., France, described experiments in  which exposure to a cell phone on standby caused a 5 to 7-fold  increase in  mortality of chicken embryos, and significantly  altered stress hormone levels in young mice.”  — Arthur Firstenberg writing in  Progressive  Health

User-convenience and big money interests belittle this problem. To many people, cell phone use seems to be addictive. It’s another choice we need to make to preserve our health.

A thought: We see so many young mothers pushing babies in strollers, and at the same time, they’re talking on a cell phone. It would be insane – if they realized what they were doing!  And what of pregnant women?

John Diamond’s research shows that a cell phone will cause an asynchronization between the brain’s hemispheres and cause a measurable amount of confusion.

Even if a car driver has both hands on the wheel, if he’s on a cell phone, he’s a menace on the highway.

 We’re told by the Microwave Health Alert* people that phones within a car receive signals from receiving antennae to boost their radiation power to get the message through. This also applies to cell phones used in buildings. Their phone: 718-449-6941.

 The electrosmog, causing cerebral hemisphere imbalance, affects our autonomic nervous system and our immune response. Certainly, this has dental effects.

Advice: Keep your distance from cell phone users.

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