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High school cancels classes due to snow prank

Email|Print| Text size + January 4, 2008

GORHAM, Maine””Gorham High School students got a day off on Friday, but not because of an overnight snowstorm.

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When employees arrived at the school at 6 a.m., they found snow piled 4 to 6 feet high in front of each of the 20 entrances. Somebody had also sprayed water into the door locks, freezing them shut in the subzero overnight temperatures.

Gorham Police Sgt. Danny Young surmises that a group of students were playing a prank.

Principal John Drisko expects the culprits will be identified through the school’s rumor mill and surveillance cameras in and around the school.

School officials were going to just delay the start of school, but decided to cancel instead because fire codes require exits to be totally clear.

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