EDTA chelation and FDA

It seems that there is a clear need for proactive education program for practitioners on this issue, before more unfortunate incidents occur, which would allow critics of chelation and the FDA to go beyond what is reasonable in limiting chelation treatment.  Not everyone out there is properly trained and careful it seems.

FDA advisory now is attempting to ban all forms of EDTA so this is my second entry on ACAM’s blog.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

FDA Warns of Fatal Errors with EDTA
By Peggy Peck, Executive Editor, MedPage Today
Published: January 17, 2008

I have been through all this before and FDA will back down when appropriately challenged. I am confident that we can have ACAM representatives contact FDA and put this misguided attack to rest. The FDA is so huge today that whoever wrote this probably is not even aware of the TACT trial and the need for continued EDTA supplies to complete the study. When it comes to Lead, ORAL Calcium EDTA is affordable, safe, and well documented for nearly 50 years with no reported fatalities and no known failure to lower lead levels reproducibly, as long as OBVIOUS sources of exposure to lead are reduced. An exception is autistic children where inflammation due to infection and genetics plays a role, but I have written extensively on that topic on my website www.gordonresearch.com, just search under the term autism or Alzheimer’s to see my well documented lead and mercury detox protocol that overcomes any barriers to effective detoxification, no matter the diagnosis or genetics. I hope to add heavy metal detoxification to the therapeutic approach to most illnesses today.

I have abundant published evidence that I believe will build a convincing case that toxins like lead and mercury are adversely affecting the outcome of most treatment today for virtually all health problems. The body can heal itself far better when it has been effectively detoxed, which unfortunately actually requires prolonged treatment. The right treatment NEUTRALIZES Lead etc rapidly enough that patients feel the difference and stay with effective treatment for years, and as lead etc. is rapidly increasing in the environment, some detoxification may be needed for life.

I have practiced medicine for 49 years and have collected information on EDTA, (over 7000 references) and Lead for over 35 years.

I hope to convince many of ACAM physicians to consider becoming ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSICIANS.

Measuring the 1000s of toxins accumulating in our bodies and understanding their effects on our health can be a complex topic. Therefore to help you start, I have written a protocol focusing on blood lead and trying to get it as low as possible.

I am asking you to watch a DVD Video presentation from my November ACAM presentation in Phoenix. Contact sales@longevityplus.com to get two separate DVD’s at NC. There are exciting excerpts from National TV programs in addition to my talk on each DVD. I believe that some of you will be motivated after viewing at least DVD #2 to consider routinely treating the environmental aspect of every patient’s health problem. Just watch the powerful excerpts I have included from major recent TV programs that I believe will cause many of your patients to ask more about what they can do to analyze and start to treat some of their toxic issues instead of simply prescribing a drug to mask their symptoms.

You might prepare some of the material from these DVD’s to show your patients in the waiting room and many will ask you about how to start their personal detoxification program. That leads to a significant opportunity to have a cash practice since elective detoxification will generally not be covered by insurance whether you use oral and or parenteral chelation. It lets patients feel the results soon enough to not stop once they begin an effective program with products like Zeolite, Beyond Chelation-Improved, Beyond Fiber, Beyond C etc.

This is why it is so unfortunate to have some bureaucrat at FDA send out this misguided information attempting to even limit the use of all forms of Calcium EDTA in treating lead toxicity. I am confident that proper correspondence from ACAM should lead to a prompt recession of this new misguided FDA policy attempting to limit the use of any form of EDTA, Calcium or Disodium.

I assure you that you will never regret obtaining your free set of the two DVD’s.

Once they are viewed by anyone on your staff, even if you have little interest in the recently documented adverse effects of even extremely low levels of lead on health, that after you watch DVD #2 regarding the use of a recently developed NEW FORM OF SILVER in the treatment of ALL INFECTIONS, you will never fear MRSA or any, even multi-drug resistant, infections again, whether they are primarily viral, fungal, or bacterial, including Lyme and all forms of chronic hepatitis. No pathogens survive while mammalian cells flourish with this new form of systemic and/or topically applied silver.


G.F. Gordon MD DO MD(H.)

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