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Step One: Give Yourself  a Break     Stop insulting your self with exposure to things that deplete you or burden you  (tobacco, alcohol, various food allergies (usually dairy, wheat, sugar),stress, negative thoughts, self-defeating habits etc.)  Remember that you get more benefit from stoping destructive behavior than from taking additional good things. This is because your body offers you a prectically inexhaustable momentum towards regenerative health  – if we will only get out of its way and stop burdening it with junk food, sugar, nicotine, alcohol and other bio-toxins.   And of all the toxins,  the most important, which we often disregard, is what we allow to rattle around in our mind:  Remember “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”.  (see Peter McWilliams’ book by the same name at


Step Two:  Nourish Yourself    Start treating yourself to a healthy lifestyle including 1) drinking more good water away from food,  2) getting more enjoyable exercise  3) reattaining deep, restful restorativea dn regenerative sleep,  4) eating a healthier diet  (concentrate on eating organic raw foods  (see and concentrate on eating  low animal protein   (see )  such as organic rice protein (not the starch of the rice)  5) take supplements as prescribed) and most importantly, 6) nourish your soul and spirit – Be who you intend to be!


Step Three:   Clean House     Please read “Biotherapeutic Drainage”  (search this term at and understand the importance of unburdening your tissues with homeopathic UNDA drainage remedies (see )    The body uses 4 major routes or “emunctaries” for draining off toxins. They are urination, defecation, perspiration and respiration (and there is a 5th drainage route for women: menstruation)  You can help this process along with regular exercise,  healthy breathing,  regular sweating,  adequate water intake and improving  irregular bowel and bladder habits but UNDA rememedies are wonderfully designed to assist this cleansing process.


Step Four:   Cover all the Bases   Please read carefully the general lifestyle guidelines in “Prescription for Vitality” (search that term at ). You will find many health tips to consider adopting into your lifestyle!


Step Five:  Be Pragmatic – the best of conventional & corrective medicine in the lowest adequate dosage!   These protocol recommendations are, in some cases, unconventional and should only be followed under four conditions :

1) you wish to avail yourself of a clinical protocol which is not the standard of care but rather is based on principles of corrective medicine;

2) you have discussed these protocols with your doctors and family members;

3) you are committed to following this protocol for at least 3 months with regular check-ins for the purpose of clarification and fine-tuning the protocol;

4) you understand that we may need to utilize some conventional prescription medications as we progress – opting to not stop a medicine you are currently prescribed until we safely taper down gradually having first replenished the corrective natural biochemical substance (vitamin, mineral, amino acid, nutrient) which was deficient and whose deficiency contributed to the illness in the first place.  




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