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Rendezvous with Evil   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

From the Jerusalem Post:

A 19-year-old Israeli Arab woman has survived an attempted “honor killing” by her brother on Tuesday in the Arab village of Na’ura, near Afula, after two bullets fired at her head shattered on impact, failing to penetrate her skull.

Paramedics said the girl survived by playing dead, leading her brother to stop shooting and kicking her. He proceeded to dial emergency services, telling paramedics: “I just shot my sister.”

The 24-year-old suspect was warmly praised by some members of his family for the attempted murder. He is in police custody.

The brother said his sister had been violating the family’s honor for a “long time.”

Using his younger brother’s car, the suspect drove to the entrance of their village, making sure that his sister returned home shortly after midnight.

The victim was surprised to see her brother, police said, as the suspect ruthlessly proceeded to fire two shots at her head before landing brutal kicks all over her body to confirm that she was dead.

According to police, the attack had been carefully planned over a long period, and the suspect had informed his family of his murderous intentions. Family members who knew of the plot and cooperated with the suspect will also be arrested and charged in the near future, Afula police chief Dep.-Cmdr. Orly Malka told The Jerusalem Post.

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