Pfizer Pharmaceuticals being charged with murder

Obviously some countries do not put up with the atrocities we have come to
accept as commonplace!
Although it has taken them some time to get this into court, Africa is going
after Pfizer for the deaths and damage produced during or as a result of
their drug trials conducted in 1996 on African citizens.

The accused face 65-charge counts of criminal conspiracy, causing grievous
harm and culpable homicide.
The Kano state government filed civil and criminal suits demanding 2.75
billion dollars (two billion euros) in compensation from Pfizer and prosecution
of its staff involved in testing Trovan during a triple epidemic of measles,
cholera and meningitis in which over 12,000 people died.
The drug test allegedly led to 11 deaths and deformities in 189 other cases
such as blindness, deafness, brain damage and paralysis.
And how many more deaths do we have in this country from Pfizer’s drugs? Have
you checked out all the new articles on our database of cases at
_www.ssristories.com_ ( yet? Go there and do a search
according to date and see all the new cases added just in the last six months, not
just for Pfizer drugs, but all of them.
Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D., Executive Director,
International Coalition For Drug Awareness

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