Stetzer BioElectric testimony #2

Treatment of Bioelectric smog – a testimonial

Surviving in this world…

by Angela Olstad

February 15, 2005

It has been over two years since my world was changed by the simple placement of Graham/Stetzer Filters. The reality is that I can no longer live my life, as I would like. I must always be careful how much time I spend in unfiltered environments, I must be aware when I am getting sick and leave before I suffer for days. I find I cannot go shopping for more than fifteen minutes without wondering where I parked my car. I must always be thinking about my electrical environment.

The good news is that school is great. I remember my student’s names and enjoy being a teacher once again. Our school nurse has documented continued good health of staff and students. I find that in the last two years as building principal discipline problems are no longer a major concern. We are a lucky school having been filtered. In the past two years, I have surrounded my life with Graham/Stetzer Filters. This includes my home, and the homes of my family and friends. The problem that I’ve discovered is that in order to actually live a real life, I need to venture out of my “filtered” world. This is where my daily challenge begins.

People from all over the world contact me to hear my story of hope. They want to hear my voice or look in my eyes to see if I am sincere. One woman contacted me to say, “Anyone can write an article, but since hearing your voice I believe this is a serious problem with a solution.” Many have told me that electrical pollution does not exist. I have been told there is no proof. They ask me to show them the proof as I stand before them trying to survive this cruel world filled with people who could help, but choose not to.

To those who could help, I listen to their voices or look in their eyes and wonder what they think when they look at me. Am I not a survivor trying to survive? Do they need to hear my mom cry as she tells about the 3½ years she watched me suffer needlessly? Do they want to talk to my dad who held my hand so tight that I would literally not fall on my face? How about sharing the prayers he said wishing he could make everything better for his only daughter? Perhaps they would like to hear my brother tell his two young daughters that their aunt was diagnosed with MS? I could certainly share a few memories of my own like the night my youngest brother came just to give me a hug. How the tears would not stop falling from my eyes and breathing became impossible, yet he held me tight. The weeks of not being able to put my head on my pillow because the pain was too great. The only thing that changed in my life was the addition of Graham/Stetzer Filters. WHAT MORE PROOF DO THEY NEED? Do they want to hear the endless stories I have about others I personally know whose lives have improved since filtering? Do they need studies documented by doctors? I have those, too. The long list of health symptoms can be supported by No Place To Hide April 2001. Dr. Karel Marha’s documented list in Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment 1971. Dr. Neal Cherry in the Cherry Report. Dr. Magda Havas presented to the World Health Organization in 2004. Dr. Havas continues to do research studies with the same amazing health improvements from those filtering their homes and work. How many studies are needed? How many people need to suffer or die?

How about the law written by EPRI, IEEE, NESC and PSC? According to Ohm’s Law the process of electricity is simple. The law states that current takes the path of least resistance (E=IR). This path of least resistance since 1992 has become the earth. In 1992 ground rods were added to each electric pole in Wisconsin, Minnesota and others. The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) 92D forbids the earth to be used as the neutral return. Since grounding rods were added 70% of the electricity returns via the earth according to a Minnesota study done in 1998 by Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI). The IEEE 519 states how much dirty power can go on the line- 5% voltage and 20% current distortion back on the line. The Public Service Commission (PSC) is responsible to ensure a neutral of adequate size. Are these laws being enforced to protect us?

Being electrically sensitive is a terrible fate in the world we live in. But, I believe there is always hope. Dr. Martin Graham and Mr. Dave Stetzer have given all of us that hope. They have given an answer to the problem. We, as a society, can make a difference. One can choose to filter their world and then try to survive, or one can do everything in their power to help others. It would be easy for me to be thankful with the life I now have. But, I find myself asking what kind of life is it? So, I have chosen to try and make a difference for others who are suffering like I did just a few years ago. I ask you to help me protect the children and protect yourself. Together we can make a difference!

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