Pathological Humors



Pathological Humors


I think you’d have laughed too.

Humans tend to laugh


And at the wrong times.

And doctors are so human


But, never while it’s happening

(Of course),

For that would be demonic.

Though later,

After the rigor has set in

And looking back on the

Perhaps avoidable,

Perhaps careless,


Oh Christos!

And, while tasting the bitterness of finality,

And hearing again the dull permanence,

the thud of an entire life (such an infinity of experience)


Then, as the humor seeps out

Into the bar

far from the sterility of the surgical suite

Or onto the freeway

as we careen home after a 40 hour shift

Or the next day

– while jogging to shake away the pain,

Then, as it squishes underfoot and chokes our breath,

We laugh.

And as we laugh,

We wish our sides would split.




Medical training 1987

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