Rethinking Sunshine and cancer

MAYBE NOT!   Reconsider: Sun Exposure Causes Skin Cancer –

This is perhaps the most pervasive and destructive myth in today’s society, reinforced by expensive media campaigns for sunscreen protection of all kinds. Unfortunately, that trend is contributing to one million unnecessary deaths each and every year, causing about 600,000 deaths from breast and colorectal cancer alone.

Can sun exposure cause skin cancer? Absolutely — if you burn. However, appropriate sunlight exposure actually prevents more than 16 types of cancer, and provides benefits such as promoting the formation of vitamin D, which many folks are very deficient in.

You also need to know that using sunscreen is NOT a good way to limit your sun exposure; in fact, sunscreen is one of the last things you want to put on your body, and sunblock does not stop skin cancer.

As natural health expert Krispin Sullivan explained during my interview with her last year, when you wear sunscreen you may not realize you’re creating sun damage because it prevents you from burning – but the damage is still being done on a cellular level — simply because now you’re staying out in the sun too long, thinking it’s okay since you’re covered in goop. Adding insult to injury, sunscreens contain many toxic chemicals that can cause additional problems in your system, and increase your risk of disease.


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