ADA vs FDA on Mercury Fillings

Media explosion on our winning case …            

                   Now it’s ADA v. FDA on mercury fillings


            The national media recognize our settlement with the Food & Drug Admin.for what it is — a reversal of FDA’s 30-year policy protecting mercury fillings.  On its website, FDA has switched from supporting amalgam to warning about it — especially for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and heavily mercury burdened persons.  More than a great start, it’s being called amalgam’s “death knell.”  Several of the stories are at the top of the home page of our website,


            We must spend the next year tightening the screws.  Public comments to FDA are due on July 28.  After that we intend to challenge amalgam manufacturers who still make this poison, and move forward on our OSHA project in our target states.  FDA has a year to finish, and we will continue advocating, educating, and challenging.


            The first dividend is out on our victory — the long partnership of the American Dental Assoc. and FDA is disintegrating.  The Chicago-based trade group is stung by FDA’s stated commitment to put limits on the use of amalgam for, e.g., pregnant women & children, and issued a news release attacking FDA.


Charlie Brown

27 June 2008


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Consumers for Dental Choice            

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