Magda on LED – way to go!



I need more information.  There are fluorescent T8 light bulbs and LED T8 light bulbs.  The LEDs are much, much better than fluorescent T8s.  For specifics go to:


Tube fluorescent lights generate dirty electricity and contain mercury, which is a problem if the bulb breaks accidentally, particularly in a school setting, and the mercury becomes a serious problem if it is disposed of at a waste disposal site.  Few people realize you need to treat these lights as toxic waste and take them to a toxic waste site for disposal.


To fill in the gaps below in your email:  Cost of CFL has been reduced from $25 to $3 within just a few years due to demand.  I expect cost of LEDs will come down the same way once consumers realize their value.


I agree you should encourage rather than discourage this student, however, it is important that all the facts are presented, not just cost/energy savings.


If indeed he is recommending the LED T8’s . . . he’s way ahead of the game.  This is what governments around the world should be doing.



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