The Butter is Better Diet


The Butter is Better Diet


Jan Kwasniewski was born in 1937 in Poland. He graduated from the Military Medical Academy and specialized in Physical Medicine. For many years he worked in the Military Sanatorium in Ciechocinek as dietician where he introduce famous in Poland and at present all over the world his nutritional method which gives the humans good and long health. This method was named “Optimal Diet” which is the cornerstone to the nutritional theory. The principles of the optimal diet at first shock people because the diet recommends eating large quantities of fats along with a radical cut of carbohydrates.

The basic premise is that the dieter should keep the proper proportion among the three fundamental nutrients in food: protein, fat and carbohydrates. He found that the ideal proportion is from 1:2.5:0.5 to 1:3.5:0.5 meaning that with every gram of protein 2.5 to 3.5 grams of fat and half a gram of carbohydrates should be eaten. In another words, optimal nutrition is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet.

In practice, the diet has shown to be unbelievably very effective measures to cure many sick people from the diseases considered in contemporary medicine incurable. Dr. Jan Kwasniewski has cured thousands of people suffering from various illnesses as Buerger’s disease, arthritis, Gastrointestinal disorder, obesity, diabetes and many others applying his “Optimal Diet” and “Selective Currents” to some of them.

An estimated more then two million people are already on the optimal diet. Most of these people live in Poland, though news of the diet has spread throughout the world. There are many optimal eaters in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Canary Islands and many various countries in Europe and even in Oman.

There are diseases that the medical establishment is even today enable to cure is diabetes. No diabetic who opted for a method commonly applied in modern medicine can eliminate the disease, but 80% of those who have chosen the optimal diet will overcome their disease and that the remaining 20% are going to be better, though not perfect, health.

In 1999 the Polish Cultural Union in Vienna Austria recommended Dr. Jan Kwasniewski as a candidate to Swedish Nobel Prize in medicine.

Till now Dr. Jan Kwasniewski has published six books in Polish language, some of them are already translated into Czech language – “Optimálni Dieta”, German – “Die Optimale Ernährung”, Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian and in English – “Optimal Nutrition” and “Homo Optimus”. Polish Newspaper “Dziennik Zachodni” from Katowice publish twice weekly reader’s letters and answers to theirs problems by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski.


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