Got Migraine? ….. Get food allergy testing!

Food allergy mediated by IgG antibodies associated with migraine in adults.

Rev Alerg Mex. 2007 Sep-Oct;54(5):162-8

Arroyave Hernández CM, Echevarría Pinto M, Hernández Montiel HL.

Centro de Inmunología y Alergias, Querétaro, Querétaro, México.

BACKGROUND: Migraine occurs with a high prevalence of 18 per cent. Management requires a tailored regimen of pharmacological and other measures based on individual clinical history. In some patients, allergen-specific IgG has been suspected to be involved in their mechanism, however, serological methods to investigate such possibility, are seldomly used.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate allergen-specific IgG in serum of patients with migraine refractory to traditional treatment.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Serum antibodies to specific 108 food allergens were measured by enzyme immunoassay from 56 patients with migraine and a control group without migraine.

RESULTS: In addition to statistical significant differences in the number of positives for IgG food allergens between patients with migraine and a controlled group, elimination diets successfully control the migraine without the need of medications.

CONCLUSION: According to the results obtained, serum IgG antibodies to common food should be investigated in patients with migraine.

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