What happened to our land of the free?

How to Destroy the USA

If you wanted to destroy a country, what would you do?
Dispense with all nuclear treaties?
Seduce that country into a useless war, raising its deficit to ten trillion dollars?
Refuse the right of the press to photograph soldiers’ coffins?
Improperly equip the military?
Support no-bid contracts for defense contractors?
Refuse veterans’ benefits?
Eliminate banking regulations?
Destroy the rule of law?
Put your faith in the “self-correcting” nature of the markets?
Lower taxes on the wealthy and raise them on the middle class?
Borrow excessively from your main competitor nation?
Censor scientists who warned of climate problems?
Appoint your cronies to handle environmental emergencies?
Nominate a man with melanoma?
Nominate a woman with no experience?
Fix voting machines so the plunder could continue?
Pass laws that made every citizen a spied upon criminal?
Raise the deficit another trillion?
Jail and expel the people who harvest fruit, clean hotel rooms and work in restaurant kitchens?

Who did these things to the country we love?
You know, I know, the whole world knows.
When will we get serious
and throw the bums out?

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