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Attorney Cites Cop for Parking Infractions

Posted Apr 21, 2008, 06:16 pm CDT
By Martha Neil

When a city police officer allegedly parked his patrol car last month in a no-parking zone in front of an Asian restaurant on the trendy Northwest side of Portland, Oregon, a local attorney happened to be there, too.

So, after looking up the relevant law, attorney Eric Bryant, who recently passed the state bar, cited Officer Chad Stensgaard, in a citizen complaint, with parking infractions that carry a total of $540 in fines upon conviction, according to the Portland Mercury.

“Stensgaard walked into the restaurant wearing his police uniform, but did not make any arrests or citations. Instead, he turned his attention to the basketball game on television, according to Bryant,” the publication recounts. “When Bryant asked Stensgaard about his vehicle, Stensgaard allegedly acknowledged being in a no-parking zone but asked Bryant, ‘If someone broke into your house, would you rather have the police be able to park in front of your house or have to park three blocks away and walk there?’ ”

Through a police spokesman, Stensgaard declined to comment but he reportedly plans to fight the ticket.

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