Good for what ails you!

Sex, Sex and More Sex Is Still The Best Medicine


by Linda Franklin,  Seattle Examiner


DR. WEEKS’ COMMENT:   Hmmm   I wonder who funded this study…



This is fantastic news!  You can throw away your prescription meds.  Science is proving that a good old fashioned roll in the hay is the best way to cure all your ills.There are at least 25 health related problems, from the common cold to high blood pressure, that can be helped by lots of hot and heavy sex.  Here’s the short version of the list.

Depression: Without the help of researchers, just about anyone can agree that sex will make you feel good about yourself and just a bit more confident. But one researcher has said there’s a scientific explanation that goes a bit farther. Professor Gordon Gallop says that there’s an unknown chemical in semen that has an antidepressant effect on women.

Headaches: Although sex can sometimes bring on a headache, it can cure them too. The tension release your body experiences during and after sex can ease restricted blood vessels in the brain.

Arthritis: In his book, “How to Treat Arthritis with Sex and Alcohol,” rheumatologist Carter V. Multz asserts that sex, as well as alcohol and other complementary treatments, can reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Common cold: Manfred Schedlovski, a Swiss researcher from Zurich, asserts that sex has a positive effect on phagocytes, which are a part of the immune system that goes after alien bodies, like cold germs, and kills them. Phagocytes are increased signficantly during sex, and will often double after orgasm.

Weak bones and muscles: Sex brings on a boost of testosterone, which helps to make your bones and muscles strong.

So plan a fun sex-filled weekend and wake up Monday morning feeling completely rejuvenated.

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