IPT – some successful stories

Donna McDermott’s Interview:  
A Breast Cancer Survivor tells her IPT story. 

A powerful email Interview with Donna McDermott, a woman from the US who obtained complete remission from her advanced stage breast cancer after receiving 23 IPT treatments.  No surgery (except a biopsy), no radiation, no major side effects. Her last IPT treatment was on May 25, 1998, and she remains free from breast cancer today. 

“I feel better than I can ever remember feeling since I was about 25.   People are astounded when they see me.”
Donna McDermott
Laurie Shaw’s Story — survivor of breast cancer with metastases.“After struggling as a breast cancer patient for 12 years, through Dr. Donato’s wonderful therapy, I suddenly find
myself cancer free, healthy, strong and whole. This was done without sacrificing my body parts, femininity, or
self-esteem. Dramatic and consistent improved health and well being was brought about through 24 IPT sessions
with the good doctor.”
Carole Jakaboski,  IPT patient advocate, died on November 11, 2002.  She was an IPT patient who loved the results so much that she graciously offered to talk and email with people who were considering IPT.  Her severe case of inflammatory breast cancer was well under control, and still getting better, thanks to IPT treatments with Dr. Perez GarciaShe died of other causes. “It is SOoooo great to feel as good as I do today.  I spent several hours working on my morning glory garden…. This is such a wonderful feeling for me, I mean, to have the energy and the stamina to complete such a big job, one that would have been out of my realm of possibility just a few weeks ago. God has truly blessed me. My prayers and the prayers of people all over the globe have been heard.”  (May 19, 2002)

Carole Jakaboski
Carole Jakaboski

Mrs. Sabina Wurmbrand (1913-2000).  
Mrs. Wurmbrand, diagnosed with inoperable liver and stomach cancer, and days from death, gained two months of quality life to spend with her family, with support from IPT.
Sabina Wurmbrand

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