The G spot and the Scientists (Italian, no less)

Orgasmic: G-spot proven real, but only for lucky few

17/12/2008 12:07:00 PM.  | Anil Lambert-Patel


“Italian scientists find the G-spot in 25% of women.   The other 75% were left smiling politely and trying not to hurt their feelings….”


Italian scientists have used ultrasounds to prove the mythical G-spot exists – but only for one lucky woman in four.

According to New Scientist, the researchers, at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, have discovered clear anatomical differences between women who claim to have vaginal orgasms – as opposed to clitoral – and those that don’t.

Women capable of orgasm during penetrative sex have a thicker tissue area in the region between the vagina and the urethra – meaning it’s now easy to medically tell the difference between the lucky “cans” and the “can-nots”.

Interestingly, the boffins also believe that women with the thicker tissue can be ”˜taught’ to have vaginal orgasms, if they can’t already.

Although the ultrasound scans showed only eight in 30 women had a G-spot, only five of those reported vaginal orgasms.

But after receiving advice on the G-spot’s location, two of the remaining three were able to hit the big O.

The research team is now investigating if there is a link between comparatively hairy women and the G-spot, with testosterone thought to be responsible for the thicker tissue.

But it’s not all bad news for thay majority of women born without the anatomical blessing, with scientists confident it’s conceivable to “grow” a G-spot through practise.

“I fully agree that the use makes the organ,” said head researcher Emmanuele Jannini.

“I do expect an increase with frequent use.”

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