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Palin’s Daughter’s Baby-Daddy’s Mom in Drug Bust
by Kilian Melloy
EDGE Contributor
Friday Dec 19, 2008

The paternal grandmother of Bristol Palin’s unborn child has been arrested on drug-related charges.

A Dec. 19 article in the Anchorage Daily News reported that Sherry L. Johnston, 42, the mother of Levi Johnston, 18, was arrested at her Wasilla home on Dec. 18.

Johnston faces six counts of “misconduct involving a controlled substance,” a felony charge.

Authorities declined to specify what drug or drugs were involved, or in what quantities.

Levi Johnston was identified last September as the father of Bristol Palin’s unborn child, which is reportedly due on Dec. 20.

Bristol Palin, 18, is the unmarried daughter of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin and the Republican front-runner for this year’s Presidential election lost to Democrat Barack Obma in last election.

According to the article, the charges in the case typically relate to the manufacture of drugs, or to their distribution.

Sherry Johnston was released on the day of her arrest, on a bond of $5,000, the article said.

Bill McAllister, a spokesperson for Governor Palin, stated in an email that, “This is not a state government matter.

“Therefore the governor’s communications staff will not be providing comment or scheduling interview opportunities.”

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