We docs, talking amongst ourselves.

C1  So the FDA complains about supplements: “products that have not been shown to be safe and effective for their labeled conditions of use”.  http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/NEWS/2008/NEW01852.html

Thats why the FDA was able to block the still-best drugs – the andidiabetic supplement metformin- and a thentidepressant supplement  lithium- for decades.

We must agree that the evidence for many supplements is lacking eg for black cohosh, kava kava.

But where is the long-term evidence of “safe and effective” (let alone essential)  for pharma industry  synthetics eg non-ssteroidal anti-inflammatories, bisphosphonates; sulphonylureas, glitazones, ACEIs, ARBs, SSRIs, anti-platelet and  antiAlzheimers agents, gabapentin, pregabalin?

The FDA’s double standards ie self-interest are endemic not just to USA Administrations, but to all Govts, businesses,  most politicians and most  citizens worldwide of the past 40 years if not centuries. No neutral Court will support them. But these double standards are why religious and racial and gender  intolerance, fraud, war, genocides and poverty prevail, why mankind (ie greed)  is fast wiping out life on this planet, as eg Shute, Miller, Carson and Attwood’s novels so depressingly predicted in our lifetime.

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C2: They forgot to include conventional chemotherapy.  Imagine that.

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C3: melamine ok, fake cancer cures bad

C4: I just attended Bill Coury’s seminar on The Cancer Cascade. Bill is probably in the genius category with 64 patents on everything from the fuel cell which propelled the Apollo to the moon to a new healthy chocolate using xylitol as the sweetener. He had osteosarcoma in his leg and he became a “self taught MD”. He still has his leg after 40 yrs and is teaching about cancer as his hobby. His son graduated number one at Carnegie-Mellon. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

He has trained with Hans Napier and Bill’s theory on the 12 year cycle of cancer was supported by Judah Folkmann, a few months prior to Judah’s death.
Based on research from around the world, we all have 75 million cancer cells in our body at any one time. The immune system typically takes care of it.
Japanese research indicates that if you have immune system suppression for 2 weeks to 2 months, the cancer cells coalesce into a tumor, which surrounds itself in fibrinogen making it invisible to the immune system. This explains the findings of Ryke Hamer and supports the work of Nick Gonzales utilizing high dose enzymes.  It then migrates into smooth muscle to avoid destruction by macrophages.

The tumor secretes H+ ions in an acid sack surrounding the tumor at a ph of 2.1-2.5. The tumor likes this low ph environment and the low ph results in the apoptosis of surrounding healthy cells, which results in improving the expansion of the tumor as well as providing additional nutrition besides glucose to the tumor. Adjusting ph of the blood and saliva is a waste of time because the acid sack is separate from the blood system. In fact, bicarb therapy promoted by Simoncini is dangerous because it can cause dysregulation of glucose metabolism by healthy cells.

This process continues slowly for 8 yrs and then the tumor begins a doubling process. This is when tumors are typically discovered. Between yr 8 and 12 is the well known “5 yr survival”. If you live to year 5 yr and one day you are considered “cured” by traditional standards. This is nonsense. It is difficult, if not impossible to completely destroy cancer once it has formed the tumor stage. Chemo will typically destroy a part of the tumor ball, leaving either resistant cells or cells that escaped chemotherapy. These will then continue to grow. Unfortunately the chemo damages the immune system and healthy cells. The best option is to control the cancer and patients can live long lives.

He goes through several steps at the conference to attack the cancer, reduce angiogenesis, increase the ph in the sack, support the immune system, strip the fibrinogen with enzymes and decrease sugar feeding the tumor, patients can go on to live “relatively normal lives”. He is a fan of high dose vitamin C due to H2O2 effects. Bill has had success in hundreds of patients.

Again, he has no agenda I could detect and in fact loses $600,000 a year supporting American Nutriceuticals. He hasn’t raised prices in 10 yrs. The man is a multi-millionaire who is a philanthropist. I encourage any interested readers to google American Nutriceuticals and chat with Sarah. She can set you up for his free conference which is held 3-4 times yearly. It was excellent and I plan to attend future meetings.

Of course, neither Bill nor I are saying we “treat cancer” as that would be illegal. Only surgery, chemo and radiation are approved methods. We simply help support the patient and if they live, great.


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