0.08% lead vs 50% mercury


These are wise and generous words from a dentist friend.

I am a dentist. I have not placed an amalgam filling in about 30 years. Composites Are vastly more cosmetic, do not stain the teeth black, do not cause amalgam tattoos of the soft tissues and are not electrical or thermal conductors. They might take a little longer to place in the case of large restorations, since they are light cured, and must be placed in layers, but since the cavity prep is less destructive than in amalgams, the difference in placement is slight.
There are also dual cure products now on the market.  The higher fee charged by most dentists is a pure case of gouging.  I still charge an amalgam fee, since the materials are no more expensive, and placement is simple.  My fee now is $75 per surface.  I recently had some restorations placed, and the fee was $163 per surface!  Don’t like to speak ill of my collogues, But this is pure greed!  Another thing: The media, etc., are all upset over kids playing with toys with .08 % lead in the paint, but not a word about them chewing on %50 mercury!  Many in our country have gone mad, and the inmates are now in charge of the asylum!

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