Niacin and Heart Murmurs




Dear  Dr ______________________

Hope all is well with you.

I’ve been taking high dose niacin now for 6 years(6-7 g/day) with

reasonably good lipid numbers(as long as I can maintain a good weight,

<185 lbs). I am wondering if you would have any thoughts on a possible

connection between niacin and the disappearance of a heart murmur?

I’ve had a heart murmur for over 20 years, and at my last doctor

check-up he determined that I no longer have a murmur.

He was the doctor that first heard and informed me of the murmur,

22 years ago. Any time since then when going in for a doctor check-up

it was normally mentioned as being there.  I had him check twice to

confirm the disappearance. He didn’t believe it could have been the

niacin, but explained it as a possible valve molding its way into



Have you heard of any such case? I looked on the internet and could

not find a connection.




Dear Mr.  ____________


Delighted you are getting on so well. Niacin does so many wonderful things to the body and especially to its circulation that I would not be surprised if it were partly responsible for having lost your murmur. However I must admit that I am not an epert in cardiology and I have no idea  whether this has happened before. I have not heard of this happening  but perhaps it is not unique. If you have a friendly cardiologist I suggest you discuss this with him.


Dr. ________________

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