Shooting over tainted milk

from Robert Cohen

China’s Sour Cream

A bullet to the head awaits Tian Wenhua. She and
three other executives are on trial for killing and
sickening children by selling tainted milk. Execution
may very well be the penalty for China’s most powerful
dairy exectuives who this week pled guilty of crimes
against the people. If he were alive today, Chairman
Mao would concur. (In China, cows do not moo. They Mao.)

I’ve been following with great interest the Chinese
Milk trial, which will soon exact justice on milk
executives whose policies allowing dangerous additives
to be out into milk killed six children and sickened
three hundred thousand others.

The milk companies issued a compensation plan this week
which proposes awards of $160 million to the victims.
Five parents protested the compensation as being too low
and attempted to have a press conference. They were
arrested and detained for a day.

The terms of their proposed settlement is as follows:

Families whose kids died are to receive $29,000. Many
children developed kidney stones as a result of drinking
tainted milk. These families would receive $4,380. All
others who were sickened would receive $290.

This ongoing case will be just a drop in the milk bucket
when measured against future milk-related illness in China.
Something of Olympic proportions is rotten in China,
and it’s bigger than the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Eight years ago, China launched a national campaign
promoting milk consumption. That story was the subject
of a November, 2000 Notmilk column:

The Notmilk letter warned:

“China would do well to carefully analyze the effects of
milk and dairy products on Japan. A once healthy nation,
having adopted the American diet, also adopted higher rates
of American diseases. GOT MILK? Got heart disease,
osteoporosis, and cancer.”

On April 22, 2008, China’s People Daily Online reported:

“At present, the growth of China’s milk production
occupies more than half of the world’s milk production.”


Diabetes rates are soaring in China: reports:

“Diabetes in China – The Situation:
Information about the state of diabetes in China is not readily
available, although some experts have stated that it is alarming.
It is estimated that during the 21st Century almost 1 million new
cases of diabetes will occur per year.”


Asthma Rates are soaring:

The Shanghai Star Reports:

“…the number of children with asthma in Shanghai
has risen over the past few years.”


Cancer has now become the biggest killer in China.

According to the Shanghai Star (April 16, 2008):

“China’s increasing wealth has brought with it many of the
trappings of the developed world…But along with designer
clothes and consumer goods come increased stress, increased
pollution and soaring cancer rates…Cancer has become
China’s top killer…”

Osteoporosis, once rare in China, is now common:


Heartzine.dom reports:

“Data from 1957 for China had put diseases of the heart
in a firm fifth place amongst causes of mortality. The
rapid increase in heart disease should ring alarm bells
for the government of China…”


Robert Cohen

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