Some impressive history of IPT

From the book, Terapia Celular or Cellular Cancer Therapy through Modification of Blood Physico-Chemical Constants or Donatian Therapy – written by Donato I & II and translated by Mike Dillinger (not sure when) –

“in 1926, Donato Perez Garcia had 10 units of insulin injected intravenously.”

Prior to this, he had given himself intramuscular injections, though the dates of this are not specified (according to Wikipedia, Lilly began manufacturing large doses of purified insulin in November 1922, so these intramuscular experiments were probably sometime between 1923 and 1926).   Also according to Terapia Celullar, an animal study with dogs was done in 1930 to test absorption of anti-syphyllis drugs, namely mercury and Neosalvarsan.

To quote:

“In the experimental group, he [Donato I] injected insulin intravenously and when the effects reached their peak, injected mercury and Neosalvarsan; proceeding then to extract their brains and spinal cords, [!!!! – I cringe] washing them in isotonic saline solution. In the control group, the dogs were only injected with mercury and Neosalvarsan, without first being injected with insulin. In the experimental group, he found both substances in all of the sacrified dogs. In the control group, on the other hand, he could not even find traces. With this experiment, he had shown, in 1930, that insulin increases the permeability of the cell membrane…..Dr. Garcia concluded that if the hematoencephalic barrier could be crossed, then a theraputic technique using insulin could be applied to all kinds of illnesses in which the major problem was getting the remedial drug into the cell interior.”

Apparently the results of this animal study were published in Revista Medica Militar in 1938 or 1939 – the date is unclear and I dont’t have a copy – translated or otherwise – of this article.

A human study with neurosyphyllis patients was conducted in Austin State Hospital in 1937, the results of which are discussed in a letter by Dr. Garcia dated September 1937. On April 10, 1944, TIME magazine published an article on Dr. Garcia’s “Insulin Shock Therapy,” in which a visit to the San Diego Naval Hospital is discussed, where Dr. Garcia treated malaria and rheumatic fever patients.

According to the timeline of Dr. Donato, “January 1946 – First breast cancer patient successfuly treated using IPT.”

There is a copy of Donatian Therapy and the results of the Austin State Hospital study if you like. The TIME article is available online through TIME magazine’s site.

Many thanks to Rebecca Ayre for sending this impressive piece of history!

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