CFU and dirty electricity – Canada is waking up!

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Sent:Saturday, January 31, 2009 7:18 PM
Subject:CFL bulbs & dirty electricity & UV radiation

You might be interested in the response Global TV is getting to the CFL bulbs for two shows that aired this month (January).  The reaction to the CFL bulbs, what they emit, how they make people feel, and the fact that by 2012 people in the US and Canada won’t be able to buy incandescent bulbs is getting a lot of people upset.  Similar bans of energy inefficient light bulbs exist for other countries.

Global TV did a special on the CFL bulbs and more than 400 people contacted them from across Canada.  Some have removed the bulbs and their health problems have gone away, especially skin problems, headaches, and fatigue.

Global TV air their first aired show (two 8-minute) segments on January 4th (still in their archives,  see link below).  Had a great response with testimonials etc.

They then aired a second and different show on January 18th.  Once again a huge response.  They have decided to air one of the previous shows (I think) again on February 8th at 6:30 pm (EST).

After the second show they had a live blog and will do that again for their next show.

The CFL bulbs and the government insisting that we all need to use them by 2012 is helping us get the message to the public that dirty electricity and other forms of radio frequency are bad for your health.

Just wanted you to know.


p.s.  If you want to view any of the previous shows they can be seen at:×9/2009.01.04.segment01.html


This comes from their websie.

Global’s 16 X 9: The Bigger Picture,  Sunday, 6:30pm

Reaction to Rays & Electrical Shock,  Sunday January 18th, 2009  8 minutes each

After our last story ran on compact fluorescent light bulbs – we heard from hundreds of you! You all wanted more information and wanted to know what our government officials were doing. So in our next story, Allison Vuchnich speaks with the Health Minister and Health Canada about the light bulbs. Find out what they told her.

Can someone be allergic to electricity? And what’s dirty power? Some believe
all the electrical gadgets in our lives are making people sick. Now there
are experts who can come into your home and test for power quality. What’s
in your house? And can someone really be allergic? 16:9 investigates.×9/index.html

Rays of Rash and Dirty Energy, Sunday January 04th, 2009  8 minutes each

Dr. Magda Havas is an expert in her field. She tests all sorts of bulbs by
measuring the power quality and radio frequencies that different bulbs give
off. She measures for dirty electricity.

While the new fluorescent light bulbs may be environmentally friendly, the
concern is about how much dirty electricity they’re emitting.

Havas says that a lot of people are responding negatively to these light
bulbs. “They get headaches, they get other body aches and pains. Some of
them have difficulty sleeping if they’re tired, some of them have mood

But all of this is controversial – scientists do not agree if people can
suffer from what’s called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Another way of
saying that people are getting sick from the electronic devices they use –
and the stuff the devices give off…

Watch Now×9/2009.01.04.segment01.html

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