Letters to the Lard diet –

Today I have come, doctor, to tell you about our family miracle. After returning from “Arkadia”, I gave the diet to my whole family and the results are as follows;
My mother had had rheumatoid arthritis for 38 years, and for 12 years had simply lain in bed and been unable to stand. After two weeks on the diet her fixed joints and toes began to move and for the first time in many years she was able to stand on her own legs.
My husbands feet became warm again, he has stopped limping and enjoys life afresh. In general, my whole family are far fitter and we are delighted
Krystyna Karczewska (Mrs)

Doctor, you have become a new star in my life. A life full of physical and psychological pain from that terrible Buerger’s Disease. You arrived at a time of despair and hopelessness to improve my health, when I seemed to have no chance of saving my second leg from amputation.
After two weeks on the Optimal diet I stopped taking pain killing and sedative drugs.
At last I could sleep all night. How wonderful sleep is can only be understood by one who has for many years been kept awake by unbearable pain. About one month after I started the diet the wound from my foot amputation began to heal for the first time since the operation in 1984.
In December 1987 I came to Arkadia for medical treatment. This confirmed my conviction that your methods deliver concrete results in the cure of Buerger’s Disease, because my health improved considerably. Pain in my legs from walking disappeared almost completely so that half an hour’s exercise brought no trouble. I am leaving your Health Academy with every hope that now I will be fit.
Thank you; it is so wonderful that you opened this Academy and have now cured me and many others in need. My thanks to your extraordinary staff who give hope and joy to all sick people.
I am asking all who are on the verge of a breakdown, if they are doubtful of Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s methods, to believe in him as I did.. Yours,
Aleksander Szymanski (Mr), Warsaw

In January 1987 I experienced sudden pain in my leg. The pain was so terrible that I could only take a few steps. A vascular surgeon referred me to hospital, where for three months I received intravenous drips of lignocain and Sadamin without any improvement. At last, doctors decided to amputate my leg, and I agreed because I had not seen any benefit from the medicine. I could not sleep at night, the pain was so unbearable.
Shortly before the operation my wife told me that she had seen on the TV programme “Play for a million” a doctor who could cure arteriosclerosis. I asked the head of the ward for leave and immediately contacted Dr Kwasniewski who agreed to my coming to Ciechocinek. After examination he put me on the Optimal diet. From the beginning I was very sceptical about the diet but after one month on it I noticed good results, the pain disappeared and I could sleep at night.
After two months I was walking. But because I felt so well I started to eat bread, potatoes and the disease returned. I broke down and stopped believing in anything, I was convinced that there was no help for me.
Unexpectedly I received a letter from doctor Kwasniewski that from 2 November, 1987 he was opening his private practice. On seeing him I told him that everything had been so good but suddenly the disease had returned. The doctor told me that I had not kept to the diet. Unfortunately it was true! One week later I felt so well that I travelled to Torun by rail and the rest of the way on a bicycle.
After finishing my treatment on 14 November, 1987 I started work again on 23 November, 1987, which I could not even dream about before. Doctor Kwasniewski is HEALTH.
Jerzy Poplawski (Mr), Torun

In a few words I would like to describe the progress of my treatment. About the middle of May last year I suffered a very rapid deterioration of Buerger;s disease. The necrosis of my finger tips started spreading from my left hand to my right . My surgeon on every visit suggested that I stay in hospital for amputation of my dead fingers.
In December additionally my right big toe became necrotic and its amputation was advised. I never believed that I could be cured but it turned out I was wrong. Today, after 12 days of treatment I feel wonderful. The pulse returned, wounds have begun healing, and best of all I do not have to go to hospital. I heartily thank Dr Kwasniewski and his staff for their efficiency and patience in my treatment.
Stefan Ryduchowski (Mr), Solec Kujawski

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