Mundane Miracles


The earthworm does it. So does the salamander. You and I could do it too. But only for the first three years of life or, in rare instances, until the curtain of puberty enshrouds the vitality and innocence of youth.


No. I’m not referring to anything racy. Simply miraculous: regeneration. Cut an earth worm in half and voila, two feasible earthworms ready and eager to move earth around. Snip off a salamander’s forearm and back it grows. Think about it. Amazing? Now tell me, why are scientists studying anything else?


What is the difference between a sleeping person and a corpse that just died in its sleep? Trick question? No. The answer is life. Vitality. But in trying to answer it, we push the frontiers of science. We describe forces and not substances; activity not consequences. As Steiner wrote, “Matter is arrested motion.” We are beings of process not matter. Hippocrates wrote: “Disease is not an entity (read “diagnosis”), but a fluctuating condition of the patient’s body, a battle between the substance of the disease and the natural healing tendency (read “forces”) of the body”.


However, Science has been most comfortable in quantifying things. Measuring, weighing, defining in space. Poets know this as do practitioners of the healing arts but none express it as well as ee cummings who wrote:

          “Oh, sweet spontaneous earth, how often have the doting fingers of prurient philosophers pinched and poked thee, has the naughty thumb of Science prodded thy beauty. How often have Religions taken thee upon their scraggy knees squeezing and buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive Gods (but true to the incomparable couch of death, thy rhythmic lover, thou answerest them only with spring)”


A modest disclaimer in my examination room echoes that sentiment as it reminds my patients: “It is easier to make measurements than to know what we are measuring.”


In the 1800s a man named Mesmer delighted the major cities of Europe with demonstrations of the life force. He undeniably cured many “incurable” illnesses and by so doing earned the wrath of the established medical scientific community. Since then, his name has been synonymous with magic and fraud; for to be “mesmerized” is to be spellbound by something other than scientific data. Since then, Life Energy has been a lay term disdained by all but the more intelligent scientists. However, there is good reason for optimism; today some many top scientists argue that life energy (also known as bioelectric or “etheric” energy) is of great “scientific” interest.


Did you know that different parts of the body maintain different electrical charges relative to each other? For example, the core of our body is positive relative to our

extremities. The front of our head is positive relative to back. The current at the site of an injury shifts from negative to positive in humans. Not so in the earthworm or the salamander. There it remains negative! What’s more, in pre”‘pubescent humans it remains negative for longer than in adults. As reported in a recent edition of the Journal of Pediatrics, the treatment of choice for a child who has cut off the tip of the finger is…. nothing. Leave it alone. Keep it clean and it will grow back. Hmmm….


What else about our body electric? It might interest you to know that all rapidly growing cells have negative polarity. This applies to all cancers, hair follicles and the gastrointestinal tract (gut lining). Simple experiments by Dr. Bassett (Columbia U.) demonstrated that negative electrode increases bone growth in dogs whereas positive charged electrodes inhibit such growth. At Johns Hopkins, a Dr. Humphry demonstrated that positive current slows cancer while at the State University of New York, a Dr. Schauble showed that 3, 0.5, 0.01 microamperes of positive current decreased cancer growth and decreased deadly metastases. Finally, in 1983 a Dr. Nordenstrom of the Karolinski  Institute was able to deliver 10 mA of positive current inserted into lung tumors (with a negative current left ont he skin) and he reproducibly showed the formation of a gas bubble in the tumor and increased levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) prior to the destruction of the tumor. One might conclude therefore that living cells can be influenced by electricity. Scientists have shown that a rat amputated between shoulder and elbow, if supplied with a negative current, can regenerate to an elbow. (Not bad for a start, eh?)


Today, we can hardly imagine living in a non-polluted world -electronically speaking. Ever since 1882, when Edison lit one block of NYC with direct current and 1894 when Telsa generators lit up Buffalo on through the 1940’s with generalized use of electric power, we have been bathed continuously with a smorgasbord of radiation frequencies including: military use of Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) and Very High Frequency (VHF), radar, Beacons, AM, Shortwave, FM, TV and  Microwave frequencies. What effect do these electromagnetic radiations have on our health? No one has does adequate research. Opponents suggest that electromagnetic radiation causes cancer. This has not been refuted. All we know for certain is that we have entirely filled up the entire electromagnetic spectrum. In addition we blanket the earth with from satellite radiation from 25,000 miles out. All this in 50 years”‘ a heartbeat in the life of earth and biological life. Quite an experiment you  are participating in, eh? Anyone ask your consent? Anyone explain the risks and benefits? Say, speaking of such matters, what do you know about the new ultra-powerful weather radar station pointed your way from Camino Island?


Now is electromagnetic radiation in general anything to be concerned about? Can we expect that exposure to abnormal electromagnetic fields results in significant abnormalities in health? The answer is yes. Many documented correlations exist between radio, radar, TV, high voltage power lines, video display terminals, exposure to microwave terminals and a variety of illnesses including cancer, Downs syndrome, infertility, and endocrine dysfunction.


These are significant claims and I make them on the basis of considerable scientific data. Consider the case of Vernon, NJ. Vernon is the home of the microwave nests that serve New York City. It is also distinguished as having a rate of Downs syndrome that was 1000% more than the national rate. The hot spots were surprising to the scientists because rather than occurring in the poor class of people, more Downs was occurring in the wealthy population. Not until one scientist noted that the homes of these wealthy people were concentrated on the hill tops close to the microwave transmitters did the story become clear. It appears that the effected parents’ genes had been doused by microwave radiation prior to conception and the child was born with Downs syndrome.


So, how do the earthworm or the salamander do it? How do the  cells at the site of injury know what to grow and when to stop? For example, if a part (a blastema to be precise) of a salamander’s foreleg were removed and transplanted before its tenth day of life near its hind leg, those cells will take a clue from their location and grow into a hind leg. Take a piece of tail harvested at the same time and place it on the ear and there an ear will grow. However, if transplanted after the tenth day, the cells from the tail, if transplanted on the ear will grow into a tail. Quite a sight. Amazing to behold.


One of the most comforting and powerful concepts in the natural sciences is that of microcosm and macrocosm. That means what is reflected on one level of reality is also true on another. We see this principle at work in noting the similarity between a broccoli and a tree and the human lungs. Or between blood vessels and mighty rivers and the tiny rivulets on the beach as the tide recedes. “As above, so below”.


So it is with our bio-magnetic electricity or etheric force. Why does the salamander, that ancient symbol of regeneration, have different vitality sufficient to regenerate severed limbs? Why have we humans a more tenuous grasp on this force and why are we unremittingly divorced from this power so that at puberty we lose what meager regenerative ability we once had? 


Earth’s geomagnetic field is an environmental variable of great consequence. It is always in “dialogue” with its human echo, our bio-electro-magnetic force; our vitality. And while the earth’s geomagnetic field is our primary source of health and when polluted, I contend, it is an unremitting toxin.


To Your Health


Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.  ©   1999

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