Wind power generates DIRTY electricity

“With our rush for renewable energy we haven’t (yet again) done our homework.”

from  and Prof. Magda Havas

The power generated at this time by most wind turbines is extremely extremely “dirty.” It is essential that it be cleaned up at each wind turbine and that the wires be upgraded so that there are no ground currents associated with the towers. Only once there is no electrical pollution present can studies be done to determine what setback is required for noise and flicker and so on since the symptoms being associated with noise and flicker are the same as those produced by exposure to electrical pollution.

The health problems being caused by these wind generators are real and devastating and the matter should be dealt with immediately. Please let others know.


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Subject: Wind turbines hit front page of London Ontario paper

See front page of London, Ontario paper (pasted below):

Wind turbines generate sound waves, both audible and inaudible (infrasound) and they produce dirty electricity if not properly filtered.  People who live within 700 meters of these turbines are getting sick in Germany, France, UK, Wisconsin, Nova Scotia, Ontario . . .

More than 100 university professors in Germany signed a manifesto in 1998 stating the following:

More and more people are describing their lives as unbearable when they are directly exposed to theacousticandopticaleffects of wind farms. There are reports of people being signed off sick and unfit for work, there is a growing number of complaints about symptoms such aspulse irregularitiesand states ofanxiety, which are known to be from the effects ofinfrasound[sound frequencies below the normal audible limit].”

And the French National Academy of Medicine (2006) concludes:

 “People living near the towers, the heights of which vary from 10 to 100 meters, sometimes complain of functional disturbances similar to those observed in syndromes of chronic sound trauma . . .  The sounds emitted by the blades being low frequency, which therefore travel easily and vary according to the wind . . .  constitute a permanent risk for the people exposed to them . . .  . . .sound levels 1 km from an installation occasionally exceeded allowable limits.  . . . the Academy recommends halting wind turbine construction closer than 1.5 km from residences.”

Measurements in Ripley Ontario found high levels of dirty electricity once the wind turbines became operational and high levels of ground current coming into homes through plumbing.  Three families had to leave their homes because of ill health.

With our rush for renewable energy we haven’t (yet again) done our homework.  It may be good for the environment (and some questions the claims made about wind energy) but if it isn’t good for human health why place these large wind turbines 400-600 meters near homes????  Can’t we design something that is good for the environment that doesn’t adversely affect our health?


The London Free Press

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