Petition to stop WIFI

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The petition addresses health threats from Universal Wireless Broadband, Broadband Over Powerlines, and Smartgrid Technology.

Please sign and pass on widely. It is imperative for our public health and environment that we be heard.

The petition is printable so that you can also take one and collect actual signatures to send in. The directions are on the website.

Catherine  (from

Petition to Halt Universal Wireless Broadband, A Public Health Hazard

Dear President Obama,

As concerned and affected individuals of many races, religions and professions, we call your attention to a serious environmental problem that must be addressed, namely the growing cloud of electromagnetic radiation (“electrosmog”) that blankets our nation.

In the interests of our children and their future, we urge you to remove universal wireless broadband and broadband over power lines from your administration’s agenda, and instead promote broadband access using only communication cables and fiber optics. In addition, the “Smart Grid” should be reexamined in order to develop different, healthier ways to make the nation’s electrical grid more efficient.

Current FCC regulations controlling human exposure to radio frequency radiation, emitted by every communication antenna, are based on research conducted before 1986. These regulations are long out of date. The national wireless infrastructure has expanded enormously since then.

A recent review of the scientific literature on cell phone radiation points out that 68% of studies have found one or more biological effects from exposure levels previously deemed “safe.”1 This radiation is now being associated with attention deficit disorder, autism, sleep dis¬orders, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy, as well as asthma, diabetes, malignant melanoma, breast cancer, and other illnesses which have become increasingly more common.

We call on your administration to reconvene the Radio Frequency Inter-Agency Work Group, whose members, representing the FCC, EPA, FDA, OSHA, NIOSH and NTIA, have expressed concern that current regulations are inadequate.2 This group should be empowered to revise existing federal regulations to reflect current science.

As with global warming, the dangers of electrosmog are no longer in doubt scientifically, only politically. Many governments and official organizations around the world, including the European Environment Agency,3 the French Parliament,4 the UK Department of Education,5 the Austrian Medical Association,6 the Belgian Ministry of Climate and Energy,7 and the Toronto Department of Public Health,8 have already issued warnings or restrictions on the use of cell phones and/or wireless computers by children.

The stakes are high. Universal wireless, broadband over power lines, and “Smart Grid” technology mean that exposure to radiation is involuntary, and that the more vulnerable members of society have nowhere to go to escape it. We are also concerned about documented effects on birds, insects and other wildlife.

Attached for review by you and your staff are web links to the most current scientific databases available, to informative websites, and to additional documents for further reading.

We share your commitment to the development of an infrastructure that is healthy for the population and good for the environment. We respectfully request your immediate action on this urgent issue.

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