Over the Edge

Through the disciplined precision of our efforts, we’ll come again and again to our edge””the difficult places beyond which we’ve previously been unable to move. Through the willingness to soften and surrender to what is, we learn that we can gradually move beyond that edge. It is only through this interplay of hard and soft, of effort and letting be, of will and willingness, that we learn to our amazement that we can emerge from the lifelong tunnel of fear that constitutes our substitute life into the nitty-gritty reality of our genuine one.

-Ezra Bayda, from Being Zen: Bringing Meditation to Life (Shambhala)

thanks Annabet!!

hear also, David  Wilcox   “stronger than ever now, in the broken places”.

Did you know broken bones well healed are stronger after a fracture than bones which were never broken.  Is it the same with hearts?

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