A (TOXIC!!) National Broadband Plan for Our Future

To All –  Please forward to others who share your concern for stronger wireless safety policy in the United States.

The EMR Policy Institute is preparing comment to submit in the current Federal Communications Commission proceeding to develop the policy for providing high-speed internet service throughout the country –  FCC 09-31
A National Broadband Plan for Our Future.

We are asking for your help as we prepare our comment.  We want to submit to the FCC a substantial list of individuals who express concern that they will be required to live and work in close proximity to wireless internet infrastructure, i.e., transmitters/antennas is close proximity to homes, schools, day care facilities, senior living centers and nursing homes, etc. while the FCC’s radiofrequency radiation exposure guidelines do not apply to this kind of long-term, continuous exposure to low-intensity radiofrequency radiation.

In the Notice of Inquiry at page 26, paragraph 68, the pertinent question is asked:

        What aspects of broadband policy have improved consumer welfare, promoted competition, and led to technological innovation?  Are there negative aspects of broadband that should be considered when assessing consumer welfare?  How can these aspects be minimized while maximizing the potential  benefits?

The EMR Policy Institute’s comment will include an in-depth discussion of the inadequacy of the FCC RF exposure guidelines based on the current science.  You do not need to address that in your individual statement.

What we need from interested individuals is a brief statement that you are concerned about having to live next to antennas and transmitters if wireless internet is built out in your local environment.  If you already live or work close to a cell tower site or antenna site on a neighboring building, be sure to tell us that.  Let us know if your children are in a school that is close to antennas.

Right now send us a brief statement by e-mail expressing your concern for your long-term health and safety.  You can note a specific issue such as electrohypersensitivity if it applies.

Include your name, physical address, mailing address if that differs, and phone number and the date.

We will call you and e-mail you a formal affidavit which will require your signature and needs to be notarized.

Please e-mail your brief statement as soon as possible.  Our comment has to be filed by June 8th.  We need to get your finished statement sent back to us during the first week of June.

Don’t depend on someone else to participate.  We need as many statements as possible.

Thank you for your willingness to participate.

Best regards –  Janet Newton



As many members or board members or financial supporters of EMRPI whom you can think of and contact would be helpful.

Because of the “standing” grounds on which the FCC has moved to dismiss the Petition in the DC Circuit court, we need documents that show a direct personal injury to members/board members of EMPRI that could be corrected if the Ct grants relief by ordering FCC to update its regulations.  Which is why we asked for members who live near cell towers.

We need to move fast on this, as we may have to file as soon as Monday, certainly early next week.

I am prepared to assist those members you identify in drafting a declaration.  All they need to do is telephone me at my home/office 860-824-1412 or 1411 anytime today or over the weekend in Connecticut.  I can type fast and can email the draft declaration for them to print and sign.

It then needs to be mailed back ASAP signed (the original signatures must be in our hands).

If you could tell me who you have identified and spoken with, so that I have an idea of who will be calling, that would be helpful.



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