Au Revoir. Cell phones banned from French elementary schools.

Cell phones banned from French elementary schools   /   Antennas removed from roof of town council offices in French town

Au Revoir.  Cell phones banned from French elementary schools.      Cleveland / Akron Ohio

France is shutting down cell phone use in its elementary schools, due to health concerns. The government ban comes after a study on mobile phone use and wi-fi radiation.

Currently cell phone use is permitted on elementary school grounds, but not in classrooms.

The new mandate will shut down their usage completely. Under the measure, companies will also be required to supply phones that only work with a headset, in order to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Some groups accuse the French government of not going far enough to protect children’s health, and are pushing for new laws prohibiting all children 14 and under from using mobile phones.

They also want greater regulation on where cell phone towers can be placed.

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From Powerwatch

French Government imposes phone ban on all primary schools

In an unprecedented move, the French Government today announced their decision to take some strongly precautionary measures with regards to mobile telecommunications technology. From an outright ban of mobile phones in primary schools, to a requirement on operators to provide “stripped” down handsets only capable of texting or without a loudspeaker, this is a clear indication that in the absence of certainty, France is willing to act on the steadily increasing level of public concern.

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Mayor of Clamart disconnects Orange base station in the name of the precautionary principle

Also in France, the Clamart Town Council has disconnected an Orange relay antenna on the roof of their council offices in the name of the precautionary principle. The present mayor Philippe Kaltenbach has overruled the contract of the previous mayor that had agreed to the installation of an antenna for the Orange mobile network on the roof of the Town Hall and on another building.

Philippe Kaltenbach has decided not to let the mobile phone companies keep the antennas on the roof of these two buildings, and to allow antennas only on private buildings that are at least 100m away from two nearby schools and a creche [day care facility]. This is another in a long line of local French rulings demonstrating a precautionary approach not only to the usage of the phones, but to a precautionary placement of the base stations as well.

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