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Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Heal and Stay Healthy

Friday, December 19, 2008 by: Jo Hartley, citizen journalist


(NaturalNews) Hydrogen peroxide has helped many people fight off flu and colds and when drops are placed in the ear it seems to be effective four out of five times used. This is especially true if this is done promptly upon onset of symptoms.

The belief is that colds and flu viruses typically enter the body through the ear canal. This is contrary to popular belief that viruses are usually caught through the eyes, mouth, or nose. One way to greatly reduce the chance of becoming ill with colds and flu is to keep fingers out of ears. Even when we are mindful of this, these microscopic airborne germs often land in the ears anyway. Once the germs enter the inner ear, they breed and then have access to the entire body and can travel and make one sick.

But, when Hydrogen Peroxide is placed in the ears as early as possible when symptoms appear, within 12-24 hours healing results will usually become apparent. The Hydrogen Peroxide starts working almost immediately to kill the viruses. Bubbling will be noticed and there may even be some mild stinging as well. It should not be described as painful, though. After the bubbling subsides within a few minutes, drain one side and repeat with the other side.

This is also safe to administer to infants and children; however they may not like the bubbling and mild stinging. Be careful not to get Hydrogen Peroxide in the eyes and if this happens, flush immediately with water.

Hydrogen Peroxide also can help loosen impacted wax from ears. Soak the impacted ears with olive oil for several minutes first and then place the Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear(s).

Other Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide has many other beneficial uses as well. Make a clean, safe kitchen without exposing family members to harmful toxins by using a simple disinfecting spray. This will create an effective spray that will successfully kill bacteria and is also very cost effective.

Place 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (in the brown bottle) in a clean spray bottle and place either plain white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in another clean spray bottle.

These two sprays can be used to clean residues off of fruits and vegetables. Either spray first with the Hydrogen Peroxide and then the vinegar or the other way around. It does not matter which is first and neither is more or less beneficial. There will not be any lingering taste of either product and neither is toxic.

These sprays of Hydrogen Peroxide and vinegar also clean and sanitize counters very effectively. Any food preparation surface – including wooden cutting boards – will be sanitized by using these sprays.

By using these two products in sprays it is possible to virtually eliminate all Salmonella, E. Coli bacteria, and Shigella on even heavily contaminated foods and surfaces. This means that these sprays when used together are more effective at neutralizing these harmful bacteria than commercial cleaners and even chlorine bleach.

For best results, use one spray immediately followed by the other. This method is much more effective than using either spray alone and is also more effective than when the two products are combined together in one spray bottle.

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