Health Freedom wins in Texas

May 20, 2009


Dear Colleagues,


Greetings! There will be a House Public Health Committee hearing today, Wednesday, May 20th  on SB 2397. Many of the provisions within CSHB 3816/SB 2336 will be incorporated into Senator Nelson’s bill, SB 2397. SB 2397 will be amended and become CSSB 2397.  It will contain the elimination of confidentiality of complaints where the identity is kept from the doctor except for patients, employees and subordinates who wish to remain confidential. It will also contain several other provisions, including:


  • A seven-year statute of limitations on complaints to prevent the current practice of abusive complaints, some going back as far as 29 years.


  • Elimination of confidential complaints (with narrow exceptions for patients, employees and subordinates) and provide the accused physician with a copy of the complaint.


  • Anonymous complaints are eliminated.


  • Abuse of the complaint process by insurance companies shall be grounds for imposing sanctions by the commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance.


  • Physicians may request the recording of the ISC disciplinary proceeding.



With much appreciation, I remain, as always,


Sincerely yours,


Steven F. Hotze, M.D.


Steven F. Hotze, M.D.


Texans for Patients’ and Physicians’ Rights

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